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Cat & Wayne’s Wedding at Trafalgar Park, Salisbury: pt2 Preparations

Happy Christmas everyone, especially all my bride’s and grooms from 2011. Big love especially to two special friends who got married in November, Cat & Wayne, who are currently travelling around Asia on a massive 6 month honeymoon. Over the festive period I am sharing some extended blog posts of their wedding photos so they can relive the memories while they are away.

Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-1-2

So lets go back to November, to Trafalgar Park, a manor house on the outskirts of Salisbury. This is straight in there as one of my favourite wedding venues, from the first sight across the long sheep-laden lawn, to the jaw dropping entrance hall and stunning historic interiors. We also refer to it as ‘the zombie house’, where some of 28 Days Later was filmed.  No machine gun posts, sandbags or zombies (hopefully) but just check out that baroque entrance hall, and if architecture’s not your thing, Irregular Choice wedding shoes anyone?

Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-3Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-4Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-24Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-1-4Trafalgar Park is a private house and they were so good allowing use of most of the house, from the bridal preparations upstairs to the various rooms being set up for the reception later that day. The boys appeared briefly, dropping off some bits and bobs and Wayne opened up a gift from his bride, an antique pocket watch.Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-23trafalagar park salisbury weddingWedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-1-3

Upstairs, the bride and her bridesmaids and parents were getting ready, and doing some more gift giving. Trafalgar Park Salisbury-viewsWedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-6Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-8Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-3Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-13Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-15Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-4Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-5Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-2-2 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-14Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-29Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-9 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-10 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-12Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-7Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-11Brides motherWedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-30

Bridesmaid Lolly is the singer in metal band Apnia with Wayne and best men Scott & Ryan, but she can turn her amazing voice to all sorts of music, and she was joined by Cat’s sister Vicky as they practised for their performance in church later. It was beautiful hearing their singing echoing through the corridors of the house.Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-27 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-16Cat received some earrings from her groom- Wayne, this is what she thought of them…
Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-17 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-20Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-19Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-6

Working as a wedding photographer I feel very privileged to be part of the special moments, and this is especially true when photographing my friends. Everyone who knows Cat, knows her to be bubbly, confident, and smiley so I love this set of photos as she got into her dress and the nerves really began to set in. Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-28 Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-7Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-21 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-22bride getting ready- trafalgar parkWedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-2 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-1-6Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-1Trafalgar Park Wedding Photography- Getting Ready-2Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-25Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-26Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Salisbury-1-5

In true Cat style, things were running a little late, and we rushed off to St Osmond’s Catholic church in Salisbury for the ceremony.

gold bridesmaid dresses and dusky pink flowers-1 gold bridesmaid dresses and dusky pink flowers-2 Reportage Wedding Photographer Salisbury-1Reportage Wedding Photographer Salisbury-1-2 Reportage Wedding Photographer Salisbury-2 Reportage Wedding Photographer Salisbury-3-2 Reportage Wedding Photographer Salisbury-3Reportage Wedding Photographer Salisbury-4 Documentary Wedding Photographer Salisbury-1

If you want to see what happened next come back Tuesday 28th December…

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4 Responses to “Cat & Wayne’s Wedding at Trafalgar Park, Salisbury: pt2 Preparations”

  1. Ben Goode says:

    Stunning work Amy!

    I like the way you’ve blogged this one, with a cliffhanger at the end. I’ll be back on the 28th to see the rest.

  2. kate says:

    ARRRGGGHH! theyre so good – i wanted to keep on going to see more!! Good work on keeping up the suspense Amy. As always they are amazing. The earring shots really choked me up – completely captured the emotion of the moment….well done!!! x

  3. Cat Envis says:

    Amy – you’re incredible – Wayne and I just wanted to say such a massive massive thank you for these photo’s – and for capturing our magical day – it’s really wonderful seeing these while we’re so far away and feeling like we’re back home with everyone – I really can’t wait to see the rest – you are a photographic genius and we love you from the bottom of our hearts – thank you!! xxxxx

  4. Wow – amazing pictures and a gorgeous looking wedding day. Love those shoes!!!