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Sarah & Tom’s Tipi Wedding at home in Salisbury

Wedding photographeri Salisbury-13

Tom and Sarah were married on a scorching May day in a little village outside of Salisbury, with a country church ceremony and amazing Tipi wedding reception. Sarah’s parents turned over their home and garden to the wedding, and I joined the bride and a house full of bridesmaids and family getting ready that morning, while outside caterers and florists put the finishing touches to the Tipi erected in the field out back. Everything looked so pretty in the sunshine, with such unique and colourful flowers, and the tree decorated with ribbons was so simply done but really one of my favourite features.

Just up the road, guests were arriving at the pretty village church in Stratford sub-castle, greeting Tom and his family. It was such a warm sunny day Sarah was able to walk to the church with her father and entourage of navy blue bridesmaids, and arrived with locals looking on and waving good luck. After the service everyone walked back down through the village and joined the happy couple for drinks in the garden before sitting down for the wedding breakfast in the stunning Tipi. The house is set in a most beautiful location overlooking old Sarum and so as guests were seated we were able to sneak away for some photos in the fields and garden. Into the evening, the lanterns, candles and firepit were lit and everyone partied hard to one of the best wedding bands I’ve seen so far. (I’d recommend them but I confess I cannot remember their name, so remind me if you are reading this!)

Here’s how it went down…

Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-24Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-2Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-1 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-2 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-3 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-4 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-5 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-3Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-6 Tipi wedding salisbury-2Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-7 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-8 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-9 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-10 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-11 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-7Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-12 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-13 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-14 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-15 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-16 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-17 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-18 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-6Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-19 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-9
Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-20Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-21Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-11Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-12Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-15
Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-22 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-23 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-24 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-25 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-26 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-17Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-27 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-19Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-20Wedding photographeri Salisbury-1Wedding photographer Salisbury-3Wedding photographeri Salisbury-2Tipi wedding salisbury-4Wedding photographer Salisbury-1Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-28 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-29 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-30 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-32Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-23Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-1Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-2Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-3Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-4Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-5Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-6Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-8
Wedding photography Salisbury-1Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-7Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-26Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-9Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-29Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-21Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-10Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-24
Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-32 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-33 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-3Salisbury Wedding Photographer-2
Salisbury Wedding Photographer-1-2Wedding photographeri Salisbury-4 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-5 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-6 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-7 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-8 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-9 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-10 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-11 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-12Wedding photographeri Salisbury-14Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-25Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-34Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-26
Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-37Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-11Wedding photographer Salisbury-6Wedding photography Salisbury-1-2 Wedding photographer Salisbury-8Wedding photography Salisbury-2-2 Wedding photography Salisbury-4 Wedding photography Salisbury-6Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-12 Wedding photographer Salisbury-1-2Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-13tipi wedding Salisbury-1-2Wedding photographer Salisbury-1-3Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-39Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-14 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-15 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-16 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-18 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-30Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-19 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-20 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-21 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-22Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-17

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