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Shelley & Mark’s Intimate wedding in Wiltshire

Shelley and Mark planned an intimate wedding with close family in their tiny local church in Quarley, Wiltshire. It was originally going to be a secret, but organising even  small number of people into the same time and place proves difficult, so all bar the youngest attendees knew the plan by the day. However, their little girls Connie and Eleanor were surprised in the morning that there was a wedding and they were going to be bridesmaids alongside their older sister.  I got a real insight into their busy lives photographing Mark and Shelley with the girls and 3 boisterous labradors running around a field- hectic! After the ceremony the party moved on to the Malet Arms, a country pub in a nearby village, where everyone sat down for a relaxed meal in the cosy pub.  It was a privilege to be invited into the small gathering and photograph their day.

Shelley and Mark’s full photo gallery is open for friends and family at GALLERY and here’s a selection…

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Sneak Peek: Jane & Mark’s Wedding at Norton Park, Hampshire

Yesterday I spent the day photographing Jane and Mark’s wedding at Norton Park hotel near Winchester. Despite the early ceremony, the day flew by but wow I ache today! It was a wedding with pretty handmade yellow details, sunshine, crazy dancing and lovely people, and kept me busy with lots to photograph. Best Wishes Jane and Mark!

If you’d like to see a few more previews head over to my facebook page, and remember to come back in a few weeks for the full wedding.