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Shelley & Mark’s Intimate wedding in Wiltshire

Shelley and Mark planned an intimate wedding with close family in their tiny local church in Quarley, Wiltshire. It was originally going to be a secret, but organising even  small number of people into the same time and place proves difficult, so all bar the youngest attendees knew the plan by the day. However, their little girls Connie and Eleanor were surprised in the morning that there was a wedding and they were going to be bridesmaids alongside their older sister.  I got a real insight into their busy lives photographing Mark and Shelley with the girls and 3 boisterous labradors running around a field- hectic! After the ceremony the party moved on to the Malet Arms, a country pub in a nearby village, where everyone sat down for a relaxed meal in the cosy pub.  It was a privilege to be invited into the small gathering and photograph their day.

Shelley and Mark’s full photo gallery is open for friends and family at GALLERY and here’s a selection…

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-36Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-2Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-1Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-2Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-3Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-3Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-5Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-4Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-6Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-4Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-7Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-8Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-7Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-9

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-10Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-11Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-12Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-13Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-24Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-10Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-14Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-15Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-16Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-17Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-18Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-19Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-20Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-21Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-22Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-23Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-25Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-26Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-27Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-28Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-29Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-30Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-11Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-31Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-32Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-33Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-13Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-35Spring Wedding in Wiltshire-16Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-42Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-1-3Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-1-5Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-37Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-38Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-39Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-40Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-41Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-44Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-45Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-46Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-47Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-48Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-1-4Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-43

Wiltshire Engagement Photos: Faye & Dan at Burcombe Manor

Faye and Dan get married in Salisbury next week, and are having their marquee reception at Burcombe Manor out in the Wiltshire countryside. The manor is surrounded by fields and we walked into a nearby cornfield for their portraits. Hopefully the corn won’t have been cut for their wedding next week.

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-

Trafalgar Park Wedding: Cat & Wayne’s wedding portraits

Two for the price of one today in the epic Christmas blogathon. In case you missed it, I am sharing photos from my friends Cat & Wayne’s beautiful autumn wedding at Trafalgar Park in Salisbury. We’ve already done preparations and the church ceremony  and now for some portraits around the grounds and the stunning Cipriani room.

Now is a good time to say a big thanks to Tarah Coonan who assisted me at this wedding and took some brilliant photos. Reminded me I need to use my heavy 70-200mm lens more often.

Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-6Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-6Salisbury Wedding Photographer-1-2Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-5Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-1-2Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-7Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-7Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-8Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-8Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-4Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-11Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-12Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-12 Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-13Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-2Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-2Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-1Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-3Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-13Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-14Wedding Photography Trafalgar Park Downton-9Trafalagr Park Wedding Photographer-10

Look out for the final installment of photos from the Reception at the weekend.

Trafalgar Park Wedding Photographer- Amy Wass

Wedding Photobooth: Cat & Wayne’s Wedding Part 1

Back in November my good friends Cat & Wayne got married. Since then they’ve set off on a 6 month honeymoon travelling around Asia. I’ve had the less exciting task of wading through the thousands of photos, both sensible and not so, that got taken on that fun and beautiful day. Over Christmas while they have an internet connection, I’ve set up some extended blog posts so they can relive the day. Happy Christmas Mr & Mrs Envis!

First up the Wedding Photobooth, which we set up during the evening reception at Trafalgar Park, Salisbury. Big up to Tarah Coonan who ran the photobooth that evening, and put up with us lot being silly.

Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-11Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-3Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-2 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-6Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-3Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-2Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-21Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-11Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-22Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-3Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-7 Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-1Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-8 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-1Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-10Wedding Photobooth Wiltshire-4Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-12 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-2Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-13 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-17Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-14 Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-9Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-15 Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-16 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-12Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-17Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-19 Wedding Photobooth Wiltshire-1Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-20Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-8Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-23 Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-1-2Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-6 Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-4Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-8Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-5Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-15Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-6Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-13Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-1Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-21

Sneak Preview: Cat & Wayne’s wedding in Salisbury

I’ve had an amazing weekend at my friend’s Cat & Wayne’s beautiful wedding at Trafalgar Park in Salisbury. Its about time I posted a sneak preview, but so hard to choose! It was a real privilege to be so closely involved in their day, and share their happiness.  I feel like this one kind of sums that up- Just me and the priest saw it from this way round- the  moment they were declared man and wife. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Envis!

More soon from the stunning venue at Trafalgar Park, the vintage travel theme, and the fun photobooth…

Sneak peek: Lucy and Shay’s Salisbury Wedding

I like to blog just one sneak preview from each wedding before I get down to editing and it couldn’t be anything but this one really. Any bride that does somersaults in her wedding dress on a wet bouncy castle needs some recognition.

Lucy and Shay, Congratulations!

Bouncy castle bride-1

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.