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Victoria & David’s Wedding at Chewton Glen

Vicky & David got married at the pretty village church St Mary’s in Eling, with an elegant reception at Chewton Glen in the New Forest. Everyone always says your wedding day will go by so quickly, and it felt like Vicky & David’s hurtled past at 100 miles an hour and it was 10 o clock before they even got to the first dance. The day did start…erm.. just a little late, due to a minor getting ready crisis and the wonderful New Forest traffic, but David held his nerves and the bride arrived, amazingly calm, in a vintage Rolls Royce. After the warm and personal ceremony we squeezed in a few photos near the Tide Mill at Eling and off to Chewton Glen for the celebrations. The lakeside suite was elegantly dressed with candelabras and coordinating floral arrangements. I loved that later in the evening the couple visited each table and gifted the table centres and flower displays to people who had helped with the wedding- It was a lovely gesture of thanks and made for some very emotional reactions.

Here are some highlights from the day. The full gallery is online for friends and family here.

Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-16Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-12-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-13-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-14 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-15Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-17 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-18 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-7 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-19 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-20 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-21 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-22 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-23 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-24 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-59 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-25 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-26 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-1 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-27 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-5 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-28 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-54 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-60 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-29 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-53 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-55Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-8 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-31 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-32 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-33Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-56Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-2Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-34 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-11-2Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-35 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-62 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-1-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-9-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-3-2Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-57 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-58Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-64 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-8-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-36 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-5-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-37Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-39 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-40 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-41 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-42 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-43 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-44 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-63 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-45 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-46 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-6-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-10-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-65 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-13 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-7-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-4 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-47 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-48 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-49 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-61 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-50 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-51 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-4-2 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-10 Chewton Glen Wedding Photography-52

Thanks to Kathryn from Willowtree Photography for assisting me at this wedding!

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Sneak Peek: Penelope & Daniel’s Wedding at Rhinefield House

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny autumn day in the leafy New Forest at Rhinefield House for Penelope & Daniel’s wedding. Here’s a little sneak preview of their wedding photos, more to follow in a few weeks time.

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.

Sneak Preview: Melissa & Damian’s Wedding at Southampton Art Gallery

Melissa & Damian got married at Southampton Art Gallery, a lovely bright space in the centre of the city, followed by their reception at the Holiday Inn Fareham. Here’s a little sneak peek at their wedding photos, taken in the park. The full gallery will be online for friends and family when the happy couple are back from honeymoon.

Congratulations Melissa & Damian!

Sneak Peek: Suzie & Mark’s Brighton wedding at Hotel Du Vin

Suzie and Mark got married at the very cool Hotel Du Vin in Brighton, on 10.10.10. Brighton beach was absolutely heaving as what seemed like everyone in East Sussex hit the promenade on this beautiful October day. The bride and groom braved the attention of the crowds and we went down to the beach for some photos, where we found this boat which just had to be done, with the initial SM. Here’s a little sneak preview…

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. Photobooth coming soon… To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.

Claire & Dave’s Outdoors Wedding at Elmers Court, Lymington

With autumn bringing rainy grey days and dark evenings, its lovely to look back at Claire and Dave’s bright, summertime wedding at Elmers Court. The New Forest venue has a lovely patio overlooking the long lawn down to the sea, and can host the wedding ceremony outside in the sun. It was only fitting that Claire strolled down the aisle to ‘I’m walking on Sunshine’. It all felt very Mediterranean, with spanish guitar, tie-less floral shirts and zingy orange accents. After the happy ceremony, friends and family enjoyed Pimms and canapes outside, as the kids raced around causing mischief. We had a quick stroll down to the deceptively long lawn for some photos overlooking the sea at Lymington, before everyone sat down for dinner. In the evening Claire and Dave did a brilliant first dance, and then everyone doce doed into the night to the ceilidh band.

Here’s some highlights from their fun and relaxed wedding, the perfect end to my 2010 summer season. The full gallery is online for friends and family here. Congratulations Claire and Dave!

Claire and Dave’s outdoors wedding was possible because the actual ceremony where the bride and groom stood took place under a fixed roof. Completely open air weddings are not lawful in England which is rubbish. If you think so too please support the Any campaign and sign the petition to legalise marriage anytime, anywhere.

Elmers Court Wedding Photography-1Elmers Court Wedding Photography-1-2 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-2-2 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-3 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-4 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-5 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-6 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-7 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-8 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-9Elmers Court Wedding Photography-12 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-10Elmers Court Wedding Photography-11Elmers Court Wedding Photography-13 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-14 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-15 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-16 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-17 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-18 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-19 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-20 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-21 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-22 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-23Elmers Court Wedding Photography-24Elmers Court Wedding Photography-25 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-26Elmers Court Wedding Photography-28 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-29 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-30 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-31 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-32 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-33 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-34 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-35 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-36 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-37 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-38 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-39 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-40 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-51 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-52 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-53Elmers Court Wedding Photography-41 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-42 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-43 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-44 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-45 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-46 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-47 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-48 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-49 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-50Elmers Court Wedding Photography-54 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-55 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-56 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-57 Elmers Court Wedding Photography-59Elmers Court Wedding Photography-58

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Sneak peek: Lisa & Mike’s wedding at Chilworth Manor

Here’s just one from Lisa & Mike’s sunny wedding at Chilworth Manor in Southampton today.

Chilworth Manor wedding photographer-1

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.