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Rhinefield House Wedding: Laura & Kim

Rhinefield House Wedding- alternative wedding photography-1

Laura & Kim’s wedding at Rhinefield House in the New Forest was great fun from start to finish. From the moment they met at the top of the aisle I don’t think they broke eye contact and stopped grinning through the whole ceremony (and most of the way through the day too) All through to the evening photobooth and Blues Brothers tribute band, it was a day of laughter and fun with a crazy bunch of people. And I always thought mazes were boring.

Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-1Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--1 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-3Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--2 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--3 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-6Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--4 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--5 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--6 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-9Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-11Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--7 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--8 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-13Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--9 Rhinefield House Wedding-1Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-1Rhinefield House Blue themed Wedding reception-1Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-4Rhinefield House Wedding-2Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-5Rhinefield House Wedding-3Rhinefield House Wedding-4Rhinefield House Wedding-6Rhinefield House Wedding-8Rhinefield House Wedding-9Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-7Rhinefield House Wedding-7Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-9Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-1 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-2 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-3 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-4 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-5 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-6 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-7 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-8 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-9 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-10 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-11Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-13 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-14Rhinefield House Wedding photosd-2Rhinefield House Wedding reception-1Wedding reception Rhinefield House -5 Wedding reception Rhinefield House -6Wedding reception Rhinefield House -1Wedding reception Rhinefield House -2Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-4 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-5 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-6Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-9Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-7Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-8 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-10Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-12Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-2 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-11Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-3Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-14Wedding reception Rhinefield House -3Wedding reception Rhinefield House -3-2Wedding reception Rhinefield House -4Wedding reception Rhinefield House -2-2

Rhinefield House Blue themed Wedding reception-3Rhinefield House Wedding reception details-1 Rhinefield House Wedding reception details-6 Rhinefield House Blue themed Wedding reception-2Rhinefield House Wedding reception details-10Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-1Rhinefield House Wedding speeches-1 Rhinefield House Wedding speeches-4Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-3 Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-5Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-4Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-6 Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-7Rhinefield House Wedding speeches-5 Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-8Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-2

lost in the maze at Rhinefield House -1-2Rhinefield House Maze-1Rhinefield House Wedding reception-2 Rhinefield House Maze-2 Rhinefield House Maze-3 lost in the maze at Rhinefield House -3-2Rhinefield House Maze-4lost in the maze at Rhinefield House -1Rhinefield House Maze-5Rhinefield House Wedding reception-3Rhinefield House Maze-6LauraKim-5-Reception-315Rhinefield House Wedding reception-1-3Rhinefield House Wedding reception-5evening reception at Rhinefield House2LauraKim-5-Reception-313evening reception at Rhinefield House

Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer- Amy Wass

Engagement Portraits: Laura & Kim in the New Forest


Laura & Kim’s New Forest wedding was the most fun wedding of my year. I’ll share highlights from their big day on the blog in a while, but for starters here are some photos from their engagement portraits at Rhinefield Ornamental Driveway in the New Forest.

New Forest Engagement Portraits Alternative style


50s Rock n Roll Wedding: Alison & Liam

Bride in 50's style wedding dress- creative wedding photography
Alison & Liam had a 50’s style rock n roll wedding at Botley Hill Farmhouse in Surrey. They are such a fun couple together, and they planned a wedding that was reflective of their personalities and alternative style. Alison was Marilyn Monroe’s cooler tattooed lookalike in her 50’s rockabilly wedding dress, accented with red dotty shoes and beads. Liam wore a mod style suit with a red gingham shirt and slick black waistcoat and tie.

The warm and personal ceremony was held at Croydon Town Hall with just close friends and family. The couple left in a vintage VW campervan, and we stopped en route for some portraits in the lovely afternoon sun. Arriving at Botley Hill Farmhouse, more guests were waiting to greet the newlyweds. The marquee in the pub garden was decorated with the rockabilly theme, with tables named after places along Route 66. Liam made an awesome replica gas pump which doubled as a card postbox. They had black and red cupcakes, with a day of the dead style skeleton cake topper. The table settings and favours were pin badges made with their own designs. After the wedding breakfast there were speeches by a whole host of friends and family, all with something funny but also something heartfelt to say to the happy couple. More guests arrived for the evening’s celebrations, and danced into the night with a disco of alternative classics (a refreshing change from Rihanna for someone who goes to too many wedding discos!) It was an absolute pleasure to be there for the wedding of two fun & happy people, so very meant for each other- congrats Liam & Alison! Here are some photos of their day…

rock and roll 50s wedding- Croydon Town Hall WeddingLondon Wedding Photographer- Croydon Town Hall WeddingVW Campervan Wedding car- Alternative WeddingRockabilly Briderockabilly weddingTattooed Bride in Wedding Dress- rock n roll 50s wedding
Botleigh Hill Farmhouse Wedding Skeleton Bride & Groom cake toppers- Red and Black Cupcakes

50’s Rock n Roll Wedding- Alternative Wedding Photography
by Amy Wass