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Michelle & James’ Vintage Country Wedding in Surrey

Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-41

Michelle and James had a vintage-country styled wedding at the Georgian House hotel in Haslemere, Surrey. Full of details, personality and moments, this wedding was a photographer’s delight. Michelle and James are a lovely couple and their happiness really shone through on the day.

Michelle wore a pretty summer dress and band of flowers in her hair, while James wore a dapper checked suit. The venue was decorated with haybales, picnic rugs, bunting and pretty meadow flowers and corn. Michelle is a talented violinist and the tables were named after the Sound of Music, the table plan cleverly crafted using the musical score. Instead of a traditional sit down wedding meal, they treated their guests to Afternoon Tea, which was beautifully served on vintage crockery. The tables were laid out with dainty floral cups and saucers and mismatched plates. They ate cucumber sandwiches, scones and homemade jam, with lashings of ginger beer. The food was followed with some very interesting looking Choi Time chinese tea, with petals and flowers  that ‘bloomed’ in the teapot. In the evening there was a BBQ and Ceilidh which got everyone up dancing.

Here are some highlights from their wedding photos. The full gallery is now online for friends and family here.

Thanks to Tarah Coonan for assisting me on this wedding.

Surrey Wedding Photographer-4 Surrey Wedding Photographer-6 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-16 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-6Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-10 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-17 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-18 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-19 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-61 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-11Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-21 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-22Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-12 Surrey Wedding Photographer-8 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-24 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-13Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-14 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-63 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-25 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-26 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-27Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-29 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-7 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-30Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-28Surrey Wedding Photographer-3 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-31 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-32 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-8 Surrey Wedding Photographer-13Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-42 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-43 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-64 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-44 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-45 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-46 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-48 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-62 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-49 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-50 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-2 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-51 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-52 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-53 Surrey Wedding Photographer-15 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-4 Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-2-2Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-4-2Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-23 Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-12Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-1-2Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-1 Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-5 Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-6 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-35Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-34Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-66 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-36 Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-1-3 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-37 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-38 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-39 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-33Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-65Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-58Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-40Afternoon Tea wedding- Vintage Country wedding-3-2 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-15Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-3 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-55 Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-59Surrey Wedding Photography- Vintage Country wedding-5

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Sneak Peek: Claire & Dave’s wedding at Elmers Court, Lymington

Sunshine, sea views, spanish guitar and floral shirts; it all felt pretty Mediterranean down in the New Forest this weekend for Claire and Dave’s lovely wedding at Elmers Court. Here’s a little preview of their wedding photos. Congratulations Claire  & Dave!

Wedding Photos at Elmers Court in Lymington

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.

Seona & Rob’s New Place Wedding photography

DeVere New Place Wedding Photography

Seona and Rob got married at the DeVere New Place in Shirrell Heath back in July. Seona has an obvious love of pink which ran through the theme of the wedding. I thought she had restyled her whole house to coordinate with the wedding, there were already so many touches of pink and roses already! She wore a gorgeous Oyster coloured dress, with a bouquet of dusky pink roses and her bridesmaids in Lilac. The reception room was styled with candles, mirror plates and pink rose petals. The table names were made of photos from their parent’s and other family members weddings which was a lovely idea. Rob & Seona seem blissfully happy together and I wish them the very best of luck for the future!

Here’s some highlights from the day. The full gallery is now online for friends and family here.

DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-1 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-4DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-6DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-2DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-3 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-5DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-8 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-9 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-10 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-11 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-12 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-13 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-14 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-15 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-16 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-17 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-18 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-19DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-21 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-22 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-23 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-24 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-25 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-34DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-26 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-37 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-35DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-38 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-39 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-40DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-42 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-43 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-44 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-45 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-46DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-48DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-27 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-28 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-29 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-30 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-31 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-32 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-33DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-50DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-64DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-52DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-54 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-55 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-56 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-58 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-59 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-57DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-60 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-61 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-63DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-65 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-68 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-66DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-69 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-70DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-67DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-74 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-77 DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-78DeVere New Place Wedding Photography-73

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Somerset Wedding Photographer: Victoria & Dave’s wedding at the Longhouse, Bruton

Wedding at the Longhouse, Bruton

Wedding photography is a pretty solitary occupation, so sometimes it’s good to go and work with other photographers and see how someone else does things. I worked with David McNeil at Victoria & Dave’s colourful wedding at the Longhouse in Bruton Somerset. Set looking across the village and countryside, the venue was decorated with fantastic summer fete style details in a mix of purples, oranges and greens, with an amazing croquembouche profiterole cake, and a tiered cheese ‘cake’.

The couple chose to see each other in the morning and did a ‘first look’ before going off around Bruton for a good long portrait session before the wedding. I really love David’s contemporary fashion style portraiture, and Victoria and Dave really gave us the time to visit lots of different locations and get creative.

Then it was time for the main event. They did things a little differently, with the groom walking down the aisle on his mothers arm, then the bridesmaids and other parents, and finally Victoria and her brother. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed a selection of drinks and nibbles in the sunshine before finding their bag of sweets denoting their table number and sitting down for the meal. I just loved the way they served the main course. A carver was selected on each table and given a chefs hat and apron and a large hunk of roast beef to serve to their table. A great way to make an event during the meal. After the speeches and a few silly pics in the photobooth everyone partied into the night to the band.

Here are a selection of my shots from the day. Thanks to David and of course Victoria & Dave for having me along!

Somerset Wedding Photography-1Somerset Wedding Photography-10-2Somerset Wedding Photography-9-2Somerset Wedding Photography-4Somerset Wedding Photography-12-2Somerset Wedding Photography-11-2Somerset Wedding Photography-3Somerset Wedding Photography-43 Somerset Wedding Photography-16-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-17-2Somerset Wedding Photography-7-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-8-2Somerset Wedding Photography-44Somerset Wedding Photography-14-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-15-2Somerset Wedding Photography-18-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-20Somerset Wedding Photography-5-2Somerset Wedding Photography-23Somerset Wedding Photography-46Somerset Wedding Photography-48Somerset Wedding Photography-27 Somerset Wedding Photography-30Somerset Wedding Photography-45 Somerset Wedding Photography-6-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-8 Somerset Wedding Photography-31 Somerset Wedding Photography-9Somerset Wedding Photography-2-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-4-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-19 Somerset Wedding Photography-25 Somerset Wedding Photography-28 Somerset Wedding Photography-47 Somerset Wedding Photography-50Somerset Wedding Photography-16 Somerset Wedding Photography-32 Somerset Wedding Photography-33Somerset Wedding Photography-6Somerset Wedding Photography-3-2Somerset Wedding Photography-34 Somerset Wedding Photography-35 Somerset Wedding Photography-36 Somerset Wedding Photography-37Somerset Wedding Photography-39 Somerset Wedding Photography-40 Somerset Wedding Photography-41 Somerset Wedding Photography-42Somerset Wedding Photography-38

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Rachel & John’s English Country Wedding at Langrish House

Langrish House Wedding

Rachel and John came home from New Zealand for a summer wedding in the English countryside at Langrish House. They have been living and working in New Zealand for the past 2 years so their wedding was also a lovely reunion of old friends and family. It was a fabulous sunny day, defying the cynical ex-pats back in New Zealand who’d scoffed that it only ever rains in the UK in summer ;p . Rachel & John are a fun and easygoing couple, I’m sure my teachers were never that cool, and it was a pleasure the spend the day in their company. Anyway, picture’s speak louder than words, so I’ll stop rambling now and show you some highlights from the day. The full gallery is online for friends and family here.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Foden!Langrish House Wedding Photography-80Langrish House Wedding Photography-79Langrish House Wedding Photography-1 Langrish House Wedding Photography-3 Langrish House Wedding Photography-4 Langrish House Wedding Photography-5 Langrish House Wedding Photography-6Langrish House Wedding Photography-8 Langrish House Wedding Photography-9 Langrish House Wedding Photography-10 Langrish House Wedding Photography-11 Langrish House Wedding Photography-12 Langrish House Wedding Photography-13 Langrish House Wedding Photography-14 Langrish House Wedding Photography-15 Langrish House Wedding Photography-16 Langrish House Wedding Photography-17 Langrish House Wedding Photography-18 Langrish House Wedding Photography-19 Langrish House Wedding Photography-20 Langrish House Wedding Photography-21 Langrish House Wedding Photography-22Langrish House Wedding Photography-23 Langrish House Wedding Photography-24 Langrish House Wedding Photography-26 Langrish House Wedding Photography-27 Langrish House Wedding Photography-28 Langrish House Wedding Photography-29 Langrish House Wedding Photography-30 Langrish House Wedding Photography-31 Langrish House Wedding Photography-32 Langrish House Wedding Photography-33 Langrish House Wedding Photography-34Langrish House Wedding Photography-36 Langrish House Wedding Photography-37 Langrish House Wedding Photography-39Langrish House Wedding Photography-41 Langrish House Wedding Photography-42 Langrish House Wedding Photography-43 Langrish House Wedding Photography-44 Langrish House Wedding Photography-45Langrish House Wedding Photography-46 Langrish House Wedding Photography-47 Langrish House Wedding Photography-48 Langrish House Wedding Photography-49 Langrish House Wedding Photography-50 Langrish House Wedding Photography-51 Langrish House Wedding Photography-52 Langrish House Wedding Photography-53 Langrish House Wedding Photography-82Langrish House Wedding Photography-85Langrish House Wedding Photography-54 Langrish House Wedding Photography-55 Speeches-1Langrish House Wedding Photography-56 Langrish House Wedding Photography-57 Langrish House Wedding Photography-58 Langrish House Wedding Photography-59 Langrish House Wedding Photography-60 Langrish House Wedding Photography-83Langrish House Wedding Photography-61 Langrish House Wedding Photography-40Langrish House Wedding Photography-62 Langrish House Wedding Photography-63 Langrish House Wedding Photography-64 Langrish House Wedding Photography-65 Langrish House Wedding Photography-66 Langrish House Wedding Photography-67Langrish House Wedding Photography-69 Langrish House Wedding Photography-68Langrish House Wedding Photography-70 Langrish House Wedding Photography-71 Langrish House Wedding Photography-72 Langrish House Wedding Photography-73 Langrish House Wedding Photography-74 Langrish House Wedding Photography-75 Langrish House Wedding Photography-76 Langrish House Wedding Photography-77 Langrish House Wedding Photography-78

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Caroline & Graham’s New Place Wedding

I arrived at New Place on a rainy May morning and all I could find was an amazing wedding dress. We hung out for a bit, had a little photo session, but I was beginning to worry that it wasn’t going to fulfil its destiny.  Luckily Caroline and her bridesmaids arrived, a little late from the hairdressers and suddenly the sun came out and we had a wedding on our hands. The dress looked even more amazing on the beautiful bride, who was given even by her proud dad. Graham spent the day with a big grin on his face, looking like the cat who got the cream. A fun, relaxed wedding. they both look truly happy together. Caroline and Graham I hope the wedding was the start of a wonderful marriage, full of many more adventures, congratulations!

Here is a selection of highlights from the day. The full gallery is online for friends and family here.

New Place Wedding Photographer-1 Wedding Photography at New Place-2New Place Wedding Photographer-2 New Place Wedding Photographer-3 New Place Wedding Photographer-4 New Place Wedding Photographer-5 New Place Wedding Photographer-6 New Place Wedding Photographer-7 New Place Wedding Photographer-8 New Place Wedding Photographer-9 New Place Wedding Photographer-10 New Place Wedding Photographer-11 New Place Wedding Photographer-12New Place Wedding Photographer-13 New Place Wedding Photographer-14 New Place Wedding Photographer-15 New Place Wedding Photographer-16 New Place Wedding Photographer-65 New Place Wedding Photographer-66 New Place Wedding Photographer-18 New Place Wedding Photographer-19 New Place Wedding Photographer-20 New Place Wedding Photographer-21 New Place Wedding Photographer-22New Place Wedding Photographer-29 New Place Wedding Photographer-30New Place Wedding Photographer-31New Place Wedding Photographer-32New Place Wedding Photographer-33New Place Wedding Photographer-23 Wedding Photography at New Place-3New Place Wedding Photographer-24 New Place Wedding Photographer-25Wedding Photography at New Place-6New Place Wedding Photographer-26 New Place Wedding Photographer-27 New Place Wedding Photographer-28Wedding Photography at New Place-8New Place Wedding Photographer-68New Place Wedding Photographer-67New Place Wedding Photographer-34 New Place Wedding Photographer-35 New Place Wedding Photographer-36 New Place Wedding Photographer-37 New Place Wedding Photographer-38 New Place Wedding Photographer-39 New Place Wedding Photographer-40 New Place Wedding Photographer-41 New Place Wedding Photographer-42New Place Wedding Photographer-43 New Place Wedding Photographer-44New Place Wedding Photographer-45New Place Wedding Photographer-46 New Place Wedding Photographer-47 New Place Wedding Photographer-48 New Place Wedding Photographer-49 New Place Wedding Photographer-50 New Place Wedding Photographer-51 New Place Wedding Photographer-52 New Place Wedding Photographer-53 New Place Wedding Photographer-54 New Place Wedding Photographer-55 New Place Wedding Photographer-56 New Place Wedding Photographer-57 New Place Wedding Photographer-58 New Place Wedding Photographer-59 New Place Wedding Photographer-60 New Place Wedding Photographer-61 New Place Wedding Photographer-62 New Place Wedding Photographer-63New Place Wedding Photographer-64
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