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Sneak peek: Lisa & Mike’s wedding at Chilworth Manor

Here’s just one from Lisa & Mike’s sunny wedding at Chilworth Manor in Southampton today.

Chilworth Manor wedding photographer-1

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.

Pre- Wedding Photos in Southampton: Melissa & Damian

Melissa and Damian are getting married in October at Southampton Art Gallery. We met for some pre-wedding portraits in the parks in central Southampton…

Southampton Portrait Photography-9Southampton Portrait Photography-5Southampton Portrait Photography-10Southampton Portrait Photography-1Southampton Portrait Photography-1-2Southampton Portrait Photography-6-2Southampton Portrait Photography-2-2Southampton Portrait Photography-7Southampton Portrait Photography-12Southampton Portrait Photography-8Southampton Portrait Photography-11Southampton Portrait Photography-4-2Southampton Portrait Photography-5-2

Southampton Portrait Photography-3-2

Pre-wedding Portraits: Lisa & Mike at Chilworth Manor

Lisa & Mike are getting married at Chilworth Manor in Southampton next month. It is a lovely venue with manicured lawns and stepped terrace, but as I parked the car I spotted some wilder ground which I thought would be a great setting for some photos. We probably won’t be able to roam into the long grass on the wedding day, but I think this was a great little spot for some pre-wedding portraits. Almost had some lovely late afternoon sunlight until the clouds came in too.  Lets hope for an indian summer (but not the sort with Monsoons)

Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-13 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-15Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-14 Pre-wedding portraits New Forest-12 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-16 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-17 Pre-wedding portraits New Forest-15 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-4-3 pre-wedding photos at Chilworth Manor Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-19 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-18 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-7 Pre-wedding portraits New Forest-17 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-8 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-1-3 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-20

Pre-wedding portraits in Eling: Vicky & David

Vicky and David are getting married in Autumn in Eling, Southampton with their reception at Chewton Glen in the New Forest. Here’s a few snaps from our pre-wedding meet up around Eling.

Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-4-2Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-5Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-5-2Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-4Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-1-2 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-2-2 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-3-2 Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-3Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-6-2Pre-wedding portraits Southampton-1

Helen and Nick’s Winslowe House Wedding

I’ve got a bit behind with blogging recently, so its about time I shared some more photos from Nick and Helen’s wedding at Winslowe House in Southampton. The full gallery is now online for friends and family here, and for everyone else here’s a selection of highlights from their springtime wedding.

Winslowe House Wedding-3 Winslowe House Wedding-58 Winslowe House Wedding-56 Winslowe House Wedding-13-2 Winslowe House Wedding-11 Winslowe House Wedding-14 Winslowe House Wedding-15 Winslowe House Wedding-16 Winslowe House Wedding-5 Winslowe House Wedding-17 Winslowe House Wedding-41 Winslowe House Wedding-18 Winslowe House Wedding-19 Winslowe House Wedding-10 Winslowe House Wedding-20Winslowe House Wedding-23Winslowe House Wedding-22Winslowe House Wedding-21Winslowe House Wedding-1 Winslowe House Wedding-49 Winslowe House Wedding-55Winslowe House Wedding-25Winslowe House Wedding-26Winslowe House Wedding-24Winslowe House Wedding-8 Winslowe House Wedding-27Winslowe House Wedding-28Winslowe House Wedding-29Winslowe House Wedding-6Winslowe House Wedding-4Winslowe House Wedding-12Winslowe House Wedding-33Winslowe House Wedding-13Winslowe House Wedding-35Winslowe House Wedding-34Winslowe House Wedding-32Winslowe House Wedding-31Winslowe House Wedding-30Winslowe House Wedding-2Winslowe House Wedding-53 Winslowe House Wedding-9 Winslowe House Wedding-40 Winslowe House Wedding-1-2 Winslowe House Wedding-54 Winslowe House Wedding-37 Winslowe House Wedding-36Winslowe House Wedding-39 Winslowe House Wedding-52Winslowe House Wedding-38 Winslowe House Wedding-7 Winslowe House Wedding-44Winslowe House Wedding-42 Winslowe House Wedding-5-2 Winslowe House Wedding-43 Winslowe House Wedding-3-2 Winslowe House Wedding-46 Winslowe House Wedding-57 Winslowe House Wedding-45Winslowe House Wedding-51 Winslowe House Wedding-47Winslowe House Wedding-50 Winslowe House Wedding-4-2 Winslowe House Wedding-9-2Winslowe House Wedding-48 Winslowe House Wedding-2-2

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Caroline & Graham’s Pre-wedding photos at New Place

Caroline and Graham are getting married at New Place in Shirrell Heath later this month. We met up to go through the final plans and a pre-wedding photo session in the surrounding woods. Early evening isn’t called the ‘Magic Hour’ by photographers for nothing- the light on sunny summer evenings is perfect for portraits (and of course wedding photos!)  I really love how these came out with the sun glinting through the trees.

New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-2New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-3 Pre-Wedding Photographs in the woods-3 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-4 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-1 Pre-Wedding Photographs in the woods-1 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-5 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-6 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-7 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-8 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-9 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-10 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-11 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-12New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-13

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