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Sneak Peek: Sue & Rich’s Wedding at Botleigh Grange

I like to share just one photo from each wedding before I blog the full set several weeks later, so here is a slightly-later-than-planned preview of Sue & Rich’s wedding last weekend at Botleigh Grange in Southampton. Congratulations! More when they are back from their Florida honeymoon…

Sneak peek: Karen & Rob’s Chilworth Manor Wedding

First wedding of 2011 on Saturday and a great start to the year with Rob and Karen’s winter wedding at Chilworth Manor in Southampton. Here’s a little sneak preview of the newly weds. The full gallery to follow in a few weeks when they are back from their snowboarding honeymoon in Canada. Congratulation Mr & Mrs Convery!

Chilworth Manor wedding photographer-

Chilworth Manor: Karen & Rob’s Pre-wedding portraits

My 2011 wedding season kicks off in a few weeks with Karen and Rob’s winter wedding at Chilworth Manor in Southampton. We met up last week, taking a pleasant break from the dreaded tax return, for some pre-wedding portraits at Chilworth. Looking forward to a great start to the wedding year…

Melissa & Damian’s Wedding at Southampton Art Gallery

Melissa and I did A level photography together a few years ago. Back then neither of us knew our f stops from our ISOs and we muddled our way through with our new SLR cameras, hand developing prints in the darkroom and going backwards and forwards, giving it another 10 seconds exposure, burning in here, dodging there. A few years and a name change later, it was a real honour that Melissa wanted me to photograph her wedding.

They got married at Southampton Art Gallery which is a brilliant, bright space for a civil ceremony in the centre of the city. Traffic in the centre of the city, not so brilliant, and there was some tense moments waiting for Melissa to arrive. After the lovely ceremony they had drinks in the gallery and then we strolled into the opposite park for some photos while everyone headed off to the Holiday Inn for the reception. The tables were poker themed, with cards as favours, and later on a magician entertained guests with card tricks. Melissa works in child care and loves children who were a big part of the day, running around in the hotel, playing and laughing and filling the dancefloor later on. It was a lovely, family fun day and Melissa and Damian seem so very happy together. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Brierley!

The full gallery is online for friends and family here.

Southampton Wedding Photography-13Southampton Wedding Photography-63Southampton Wedding Photography-18-2Southampton Wedding Photography-18 Southampton Wedding Photography-16 Southampton Wedding Photography-80 Southampton Wedding Photography-27Southampton Wedding Photography-28 Southampton Wedding Photography-12-2Southampton Wedding Photography-19 Southampton Wedding Photography-23 Southampton Wedding Photography-29 Southampton Wedding Photography-30 Southampton Wedding Photography-10-2 Southampton Wedding Photography-11-2 Southampton Wedding Photography-5 Southampton Wedding Photography-13-2Southampton Wedding Photography-71 Southampton Wedding Photography-31Southampton Wedding Photography-79Southampton Wedding Photography-32 Southampton Wedding Photography-33 Southampton Wedding Photography-34 Southampton Wedding Photography-69Southampton Wedding Photography-78Southampton Wedding Photography-35 Southampton Wedding Photography-75 Southampton Wedding Photography-37 Southampton Wedding Photography-38Southampton Wedding Photography-40 Southampton Wedding Photography-39Southampton Wedding Photography-41 Southampton Wedding Photography-24 Southampton Wedding Photography-43 Southampton Wedding Photography-20 Southampton Wedding Photography-11 Southampton Wedding Photography-9-2Southampton Wedding Photography-44Southampton Wedding Photography-20-2 Southampton Wedding Photography-3 Southampton Wedding Photography-45 Southampton Wedding Photography-26 Southampton Wedding Photography-46 Southampton Wedding Photography-48 Southampton Wedding Photography-68 Southampton Wedding Photography-49 Southampton Wedding Photography-3-2Southampton Wedding Photography-73Southampton Wedding Photography-6-2Southampton Wedding Photography-67 Southampton Wedding Photography-12 Southampton Wedding Photography-51 Southampton Wedding Photography-15-2 Southampton Wedding Photography-52 Southampton Wedding Photography-53 Southampton Wedding Photography-55 Southampton Wedding Photography-57 Southampton Wedding Photography-77 Southampton Wedding Photography-1-2 Southampton Wedding Photography-72 Southampton Wedding Photography-59 Southampton Wedding Photography-7 Southampton Wedding Photography-61Southampton Wedding Photography-62Southampton Wedding Photography-60 Southampton Wedding Photography-4Southampton Wedding Photography-17 Southampton Wedding Photography-64 Southampton Wedding Photography-8 Southampton Wedding Photography-10 Southampton Wedding Photography-25Southampton Wedding Photography-15 Southampton Wedding Photography-74Southampton Wedding Photography-65 Southampton Wedding Photography-66 Southampton Wedding Photography-70Southampton Wedding Photography-76 Southampton Wedding Photography-6 Southampton Wedding Photography-9

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below.

Lisa & Mike’s Wedding at Chilworth Manor, Southampton

Lisa and Mike got married at Chilworth Manor in Southampton on a sunny September day. I love photographing the wedding day but have to admit I sometimes get a bit bored of editing photos, however I have really, really enjoyed going through Lisa & Mike’s day again. It made me think really what a wedding is all about. I do read far too many wedding blogs and magazines and get obsessed over uber stylish designer dresses, or cool homemade table decorations, but actually a wedding is about two people in love, and sharing that with their nearest and dearest and having a really good time. Lisa and Mike look so happy, and there is such fun and excitement coming across in their photos and dress, shoes, venue and flowers aside, THAT is what a wedding is all about. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Moreton, may your happy wedding lead to an even happier marriage!

Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-4Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-45Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-1-3Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-9 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-18 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-19 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-10 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-59Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-15 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-20 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-47 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-61 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-58 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-1Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-21 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-22 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-8Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-6Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-4Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-16Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-54Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-23 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-50 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-7 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-24 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-48 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-17 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-16 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-1 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-44Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-14 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-26Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-8 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-25 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-11Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-27Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-28Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-51Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-5Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-29 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-30 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-31Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-33Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-32Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-9Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-34 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-11Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-35Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-13Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-12Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-14Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-3Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-12-2Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-36 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-37 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-55 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-38 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-3-2Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-2 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-39 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-56 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-6Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-57 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-60 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-53 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-49 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-43 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-40 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-41 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-42 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-13 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-52 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-62
You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Newborn baby photography: Isabel

Newborn baby photography Southampton-1

It doesn’t seem long ago I was photographing Sam & Glenn’s wedding and now they have another big moment in their lives to celebrate- the birth of their first baby. Welcome to beautiful baby Isabel, who was just 11 days old when I took these pictures.

Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-6Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-8Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-4Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-3 Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-7 Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-9Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-1-2 Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-12 Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-11 Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-10Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-2 Newborn Baby Photography Southampton-1-3