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Seamus & Lucy’s wedding in Salisbury

Salisbury Wedding Photography-68

Lucy and Shay got married at St Osmunds Church in Salisbury with their reception in a marquee at Lucy’s parents farm. Having the reception at home is a great idea if you can do it, giving total control over the food, entertainment, decorations etc without being bound by the rules and restrictions of a hotel or venue (except the rules of mum and dad obviously) Everyone had done a fabulous job of arranging everything, with Lucy’s mum even making the gorgeous pink floral arrangements and cupcake wedding cakes.

We were so incredibly lucky with the weather that day. After the ceremony the married couple exited to a sunny August day, and then just as we set foot inside the marquee the heavens opened and we thought that would be it. Luckily, we got some well timed breaks for family photos and bride and groom portraits before everyone settled down in the dry for the BBQ wedding breakfast. There were few dry eyes during the speeches, Shay’s sister, the best lady, did a brilliant job to deliver her speech. To kick the evening off guests got up on the dancefloor for some line dancing before partying to the disco into the early hours. The rain did mean one potential disappointment- the bouncy castle was out of action. However a determined few towelled it off and in the evening they got their go. Lucy has to be the most carefree bride ever, somersaulting on the bouncy castle, not worrying about the white dress and hair do. Love that attitude, weddings should be fun! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lynch!

Here is a selection of picures from the day, the full gallery is now online for friends and family here.

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Sneak peek: Lucy and Shay’s Salisbury Wedding

I like to blog just one sneak preview from each wedding before I get down to editing and it couldn’t be anything but this one really. Any bride that does somersaults in her wedding dress on a wet bouncy castle needs some recognition.

Lucy and Shay, Congratulations!

Bouncy castle bride-1

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.

Pre-wedding portraits: Lucy & Shay in Salisbury

Lucy & Shay get married this week in Salisbury. Here’s a few pics from our pre-wedding meet at the church. I find it’s a great idea to get a couple in front of the camera before the wedding day and get a taster of things to come. Hopefully it helps people realise its not so scary having your photo taken. Hope it helped Lucy! Looking forward to their wedding, especially the bouncy castle! (I’m such a child)

Salisbury Portrait photographer-1-2Salisbury Portrait photographer-6 Salisbury Portrait photographer-5 Salisbury Portrait photographer-4 Salisbury Portrait photographer-3 Salisbury Portrait photographer-2 Salisbury Portrait photographer-1 Salisbury Portrait photographer-2-2Salisbury Portrait photographer-7