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Rhinefield House Wedding: Laura & Kim

Rhinefield House Wedding- alternative wedding photography-1

Laura & Kim’s wedding at Rhinefield House in the New Forest was great fun from start to finish. From the moment they met at the top of the aisle I don’t think they broke eye contact and stopped grinning through the whole ceremony (and most of the way through the day too) All through to the evening photobooth and Blues Brothers tribute band, it was a day of laughter and fun with a crazy bunch of people. And I always thought mazes were boring.

Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-1Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--1 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-3Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--2 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--3 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-6Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--4 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--5 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--6 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-9Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-11Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--7 Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--8 Wedding Preparations-Hampshire Wedding Photographer-13Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Wedding Preparations--9 Rhinefield House Wedding-1Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-1Rhinefield House Blue themed Wedding reception-1Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-4Rhinefield House Wedding-2Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-5Rhinefield House Wedding-3Rhinefield House Wedding-4Rhinefield House Wedding-6Rhinefield House Wedding-8Rhinefield House Wedding-9Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-7Rhinefield House Wedding-7Hampshire Wedding Photographer-Rhinefield House Wedding-9Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-1 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-2 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-3 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-4 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-5 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-6 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-7 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-8 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-9 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-10 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-11Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-13 Rhinefield House Wedding ceremony-14Rhinefield House Wedding photosd-2Rhinefield House Wedding reception-1Wedding reception Rhinefield House -5 Wedding reception Rhinefield House -6Wedding reception Rhinefield House -1Wedding reception Rhinefield House -2Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-4 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-5 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-6Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-9Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-7Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-8 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-10Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-12Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-2 Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-11Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-3Rhinefield House Wedding photographer-14Wedding reception Rhinefield House -3Wedding reception Rhinefield House -3-2Wedding reception Rhinefield House -4Wedding reception Rhinefield House -2-2

Rhinefield House Blue themed Wedding reception-3Rhinefield House Wedding reception details-1 Rhinefield House Wedding reception details-6 Rhinefield House Blue themed Wedding reception-2Rhinefield House Wedding reception details-10Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-1Rhinefield House Wedding speeches-1 Rhinefield House Wedding speeches-4Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-3 Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-5Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-4Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-6 Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-7Rhinefield House Wedding speeches-5 Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-8Rhinefield House Wedding breakfast-2

lost in the maze at Rhinefield House -1-2Rhinefield House Maze-1Rhinefield House Wedding reception-2 Rhinefield House Maze-2 Rhinefield House Maze-3 lost in the maze at Rhinefield House -3-2Rhinefield House Maze-4lost in the maze at Rhinefield House -1Rhinefield House Maze-5Rhinefield House Wedding reception-3Rhinefield House Maze-6LauraKim-5-Reception-315Rhinefield House Wedding reception-1-3Rhinefield House Wedding reception-5evening reception at Rhinefield House2LauraKim-5-Reception-313evening reception at Rhinefield House

Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer- Amy Wass

Lindsey & Mike’s Rhinefield House Wedding Photos


Rhinefield-House-Wedding-Photographer-40Lindsey and Mike were married at Rhinefield House in the New Forest back in the Spring. Friends and family travelled to the New Forest from all corners of the UK, and Lindsey and Mike named their tables after the various places they have lived in their time together. Rhinefield House was looking stunning, decorated with dusky pink florals, candles, paper roses and ivy trails. Lindsey had put so much attention into the details with personal photos adorning fireplaces, a beautiful mirror for the table plan and a thumbprint tree as a guestbook. The day was fun and relaxed, and it always make my job easier and enjoyable to work with a nice group of guests and a such lovely couple. Congratulations Mr & Mrs H!

Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-1-4Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-1-3Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-2-2Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-1-2Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-1

Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-4 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-5 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-6Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-8 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-9Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-10 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-11Wedding at Rhinefield House-5Wedding at Rhinefield House-3Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-3Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-12Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-5Wedding at Rhinefield House-6
Wedding at Rhinefield House-7Bridesmaids at Rhinefield House-1new forest wedding photographer-1-2Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-13 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-14 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-15Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-7Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-16 Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-8Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-17 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-18 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-19 Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-1-2Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-20 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-21 Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-10Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-22 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-23 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-24 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-25Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-27 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-28 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-29
Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-30 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-31 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-32 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-33 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-34 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-35 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-36 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-37 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-38 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-39Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-1Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-41
Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-4-3
Wedding Reception at Rhinefield House-3Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-8-2Wedding Reception at Rhinefield House-6Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-9-3Wedding at Rhinefield House-2Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-4Wedding at Rhinefield House-9Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-10Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-12Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-9Wedding at Rhinefield House-8Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-3-2Wedding at Rhinefield House-10Spring Wedding at Rhinefield House-16Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-2Wedding at Rhinefield House-2-2
Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-3
Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-2Wedding Reception at Rhinefield House-1-2
Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-4-2Wedding at Rhinefield House-6-2Wedding at Rhinefield House-4-2Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-3
Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-1
Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-42Wedding at Rhinefield House-11Wedding at Rhinefield House-7-2Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-5 Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-6 Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-7 Wedding at Rhinefield House-15Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-8Wedding band at Rhinefield House-3Rhinefield House Wedding Reception-9-2Wedding at Rhinefield House-13



New Forest Wedding: Lindsey & Michael’s Engagement Photos at Rhinefield

New Forest Wedding Photographer- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive Portraits

Lindsey and Michael are getting married at beautiful Rhinefield House in the New Forest at the weekend. We met up a couple of weeks ago out in the Forest on Rhinefield Ornamental Drive for their pre-wedding photos, amongst the amazing tall trees.

New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-4New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-5New Forest Wedding Photographer- Rhinefield Portraits-3New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-6New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-1 New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-2New Forest Wedding Photographer- Rhinefield Portraits-1
New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-7 New Forest Wedding Photographer- Rhinefield Portraits-5New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-8 New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-3New Forest Wedding Photographer- Rhinefield Portraits-6New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-9 New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-10 New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-11New Forest Portraits- Rhinefield Ornamental Drive-13
New Forest Wedding Photographer- Amy Wass

Rhinefield House Wedding Photography: A look at one of my Favourite Wedding Venues

Rhinefield House in the New Forest is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the South, set in the heart of the Forest with stunning ornamental gardens and a variety of rooms for your wedding ceremony and reception, whether you are planning a grand affair or an intimate celebration. It’s one of my best wedding venues to work at as a wedding photographer in the New Forest. I just love the variety of locations in the grounds, which offer a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photography. I find the interiors of Rhinefield House are fantastic especially for Autumn and Winter weddings, with log fires, cosy wood panelling and those huge chandeliers.

If you are considering Rhinefield House for your wedding, here are some photographs to show you around, all shot during real weddings at Rhinefield.

Rhinefield House Wedding Venue-1 Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-1 Wedding ast Rhinefield HouseNew Forest wedding venue

There are various rooms for you to have your civil ceremony at Rhinefield House. For large weddings you can get married in the aptly named Grand Hall or the Hurst Suite. It is also surprising for such a grand venue, that Rhinefield is also well suited to a more intimate wedding and smaller weddings can be held in the Keepers Room.

Rhinefield House Wedding Ceremony at Christmas-1Rhinefield House WEdding Ceremony

Rhinefield House has some great spots for your wedding portraits, and if you are willing to dedicate some time to your portraits a nice stroll around the grounds can make your bride and groom photo session seem very relaxed. There are lots of steps, trees, benches, fountains, an archway of trees, the blue gates to nowhere and the ornamental pond. Being in the forest, Rhinefield changes dramatically through the seasons, from spring blossom to the reds and orange of autumn.

Rhinefield-House-Wedding-Photography-7130 Rhinefield House blue gates-1 Wedding photography Rhinefield House-1-4 Wedding portraits New Forest Rhinefield House

The Grand Hall looks amazing when all made up for your wedding reception, and as darkness falls it always feels very cosy despite the size. I think Rhinefield is my favourite Christmas wedding venue, it just feels very festive with the tree in the corner, and wreaths and fairylights. The Kings room which leads off from the Grand Hall is great for a disco or band and there are also lots of other rooms for guests to split off for a quiet chat.

Wedding reception at Rhinefield House

The Alhambra room is a hidden gem at Rhinefield House, an intimate private dining room designed in a Moroccan style. It is a spectacular setting for a very special intimate celebration.

Wedding Photography at  Rhinefield House (46)

You can also see some real weddings I have photographed at Rhinefield House linked below.

Penelope and Daniel’s Autumnal Wedding

Belinda & Paul’s Wedding in the Alhambra Room

Kerrie and Rod’s Intimate Rhinefield House wedding in the Keepers Room

Gemma & Jon’s Autumnal Wedding in the Grand Hall

Carrie & Terry’s Christmas Wedding

If you are looking for a photographer for your Rhinefield House wedding- drop me an email on

Penelope & Daniel’s Rhinefield House Wedding

Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-1

I love Rhinefield House in the Autumn, from the drive there through the golden foliage of the New Forest, the house and dramatic clouds reflected in the ornamental lake, to the cosy evenings celebrations in the Great Hall. Penelope and Daniel’s wedding was an autumnal treat, glamourously styled with rich reds and oranges. Penelope is one of those people who is super organised and obsessed with detail, and all credit to her for the fine little touches, from the monogram letters to the hand made menus. She looked amazing in an elegant dress embellished all over with intricate beads, and carried a bouquet of dramatic dark red roses. Daniel was flanked by another glam lady, his sister and best person Lucy. (which seems unusual but she’s the third best lady I’ve come across this year.) The day flew by, from ceremony to afternoon drinks, photos in Rhinefields gorgeous grounds and the dinner and speeches- Here are some highlights. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Richards!

The full gallery is online for friends and family HERE. Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-1-3 Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-1 Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-5-2Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-2-2 Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-3-2Wedding Rhinefield House-3Wedding Rhinefield House-2Wedding Rhinefield House-1Wedding Rhinefield House-4 Wedding Rhinefield House-5 Wedding Rhinefield House-6 Wedding Rhinefield House-7 Rhinefield House Wedding Photography-2Wedding Rhinefield House-8 Wedding Rhinefield House-9 Wedding Rhinefield House-10 Wedding Rhinefield House-11 Wedding Rhinefield House-12 Wedding Rhinefield House-13 Wedding Rhinefield House-14 Wedding Rhinefield House-15 Wedding Rhinefield House-16Rhinefield House Wedding Photography-3Wedding Rhinefield House-17New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--1Wedding Rhinefield House-1-2Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House in the New Forest- photographer Amy WassRhinefield House Wedding Photographer-2 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-3 New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--3Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-4 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-5 New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--5Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-6 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-7 New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--7Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-8 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-9 New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--6Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-10 Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-11 New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--10Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-12New Forest Wedding photographer-Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House--12Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-13Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer-14Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-4Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-8Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-6Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-10Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-3Autumn Wedding Photos at Rhinefield House- New Forest Wedding photographer-4-2Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-1-2Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-2Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-2-2Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-1Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-3 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-7Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-3-2 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-4-2 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-6-2 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-7-2Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-9-2 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-10-2 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-10Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-11 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-12 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-13 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-14 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-15 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-16 Wedding photos at Rhinefield House-17

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Sneak Peek: Penelope & Daniel’s Wedding at Rhinefield House

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny autumn day in the leafy New Forest at Rhinefield House for Penelope & Daniel’s wedding. Here’s a little sneak preview of their wedding photos, more to follow in a few weeks time.

More highlights and the full gallery will be online in a few weeks time. To stay up to date why not follow me on facebook.