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Sneak Peek: Welcome to a new Mrs Wass

Congratulations to my little brother-in-law Dave and commiserations to his new wife Marie who got married on Friday.  A life of being called Mrs Wazz, Waff, Wasp, Vass, Waas, Was and Watts awaits you (by the way, if you ever wondered its Wass, rhymes with Moss) 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview from their wedding photos taken by some beach huts on Southsea seafront. Not your typical wedding photo but much more them I think. More on the website in a few weeks…

Wedding Photography in Southsea

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Portsmouth Wedding Photography: Lauren & Jason’s Wedding

Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-1-3

Lauren & Jason got married at the very grand St Mary’s church in Portsmouth in July. They held their reception at Cosham Masonic Hall, which was beautifully decorated with candlesticks and pink and sage details. Lauren just did not stop smiling all day, which is great for a photographer as every time I turned around to take her photo she was laughing and smiling. It was a lovely day with a great bunch of people. Congratulations Lauren & Jason!

The full gallery is online for friends and family now. Here’s a selection of photos of their day…

Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-16Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-22 Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-1-2Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-23 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-43Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-24 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-25Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-4Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-26 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-21Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-19Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-2Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-48Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-11Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-42Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-46Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-27 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-28 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-44Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-29 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-13Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-30 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-31Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-3Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-20Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-14Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-1Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-1Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-4 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-8Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-13Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-9Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-8Pink wedding cake-1Wedding Photographer Portsmouth-10Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-45Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-5 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-15Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-18Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-49Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-3Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-32 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-33 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-47Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-34 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-35 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-36Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-37 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-6Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-38 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-7Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-10Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-39 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-40 Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-41Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-17Portsmouth Wedding Photographer-12

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Sneak Peek: Lauren & Jason’s Portsmouth Wedding

Lauren and Jason got married at the amazing St Mary’s church in Portsmouth this weekend. The bride was a bundle of excitement, and didn’t stop smiling and telling everyone what a brilliant day she was having, but I’ve picked this sneak preview, taken in the morning as she got ready in a more contemplative mood.  I just think its a really classic portrait, and she looks beautiful!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Feast!

Classic Bridal Portrait

I will blog a selection of highlights and open the full gallery to friends and family in a few weeks. To stay up to date why not follow my facebook page

Kirsty & Ben’s Engagement Photos at Portchester Castle

Kirsty and Ben are getting married in 2012 in Cyprus. We met at Portchester Castle in Portsmouth on a bright (but chilly!) Spring day for some engagement photos which they would like to use for their save the date cards to send to their wedding guests. Here is a selection of photos from the portrait session…

Engagement portraits on the beach-1 Cool Portrait Photography in Portsmouth-2 Cool Portrait Photography in Portsmouth-1 Pre-wedding photos Portchester Castle-1Relaxed Portraits Hampshire-1Couples portrait Photography in Hampshire-1 Engagement portrait Photography Hampshire-1-3 Portsmouth Portrait Photographer-1 Pre-wedding photos Portchester Castle-1-2 Outdoors portraits Hampshire-1Modern Portrait Photography in Hampshire-1 Engagement portrait Photography Hampshire-2 Portsmouth Portrait Photography-1 Portchester Castle Portraits-1

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Newborn Baby Photography: Introducing Baby Wass

Congratulations to Rob & Debbie, my brother-in-law and his wife, on the birth of Liam Wass.  Born on Friday 19th February at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, this big bruiser weighed in at 10lb 10 ozs! Here are some photos of him at just over 24 hours old (is that 1 day old, or 2 days old?? ), just before leaving hospital.

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (1)

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (2)

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (3)

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (4)

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (5)

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (6)

Newborn Baby Photography portsmouth (7)

Baby Photography at Home- Alexander

At 9 months old baby has discovered crawling, chewing, dribbling, and generally wriggling all over the place. So a bit of a challenge to photograph! But so cute too. Here are some photos from my portrait session with baby Alexander at home. Alex will no doubt have a starring role in his mum and dad’s wedding later this year, by which time I guess he will be walking.