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Somerset Wedding Photographer: Victoria & Dave’s wedding at the Longhouse, Bruton

Wedding at the Longhouse, Bruton

Wedding photography is a pretty solitary occupation, so sometimes it’s good to go and work with other photographers and see how someone else does things. I worked with David McNeil at Victoria & Dave’s colourful wedding at the Longhouse in Bruton Somerset. Set looking across the village and countryside, the venue was decorated with fantastic summer fete style details in a mix of purples, oranges and greens, with an amazing croquembouche profiterole cake, and a tiered cheese ‘cake’.

The couple chose to see each other in the morning and did a ‘first look’ before going off around Bruton for a good long portrait session before the wedding. I really love David’s contemporary fashion style portraiture, and Victoria and Dave really gave us the time to visit lots of different locations and get creative.

Then it was time for the main event. They did things a little differently, with the groom walking down the aisle on his mothers arm, then the bridesmaids and other parents, and finally Victoria and her brother. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed a selection of drinks and nibbles in the sunshine before finding their bag of sweets denoting their table number and sitting down for the meal. I just loved the way they served the main course. A carver was selected on each table and given a chefs hat and apron and a large hunk of roast beef to serve to their table. A great way to make an event during the meal. After the speeches and a few silly pics in the photobooth everyone partied into the night to the band.

Here are a selection of my shots from the day. Thanks to David and of course Victoria & Dave for having me along!

Somerset Wedding Photography-1Somerset Wedding Photography-10-2Somerset Wedding Photography-9-2Somerset Wedding Photography-4Somerset Wedding Photography-12-2Somerset Wedding Photography-11-2Somerset Wedding Photography-3Somerset Wedding Photography-43 Somerset Wedding Photography-16-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-17-2Somerset Wedding Photography-7-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-8-2Somerset Wedding Photography-44Somerset Wedding Photography-14-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-15-2Somerset Wedding Photography-18-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-20Somerset Wedding Photography-5-2Somerset Wedding Photography-23Somerset Wedding Photography-46Somerset Wedding Photography-48Somerset Wedding Photography-27 Somerset Wedding Photography-30Somerset Wedding Photography-45 Somerset Wedding Photography-6-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-8 Somerset Wedding Photography-31 Somerset Wedding Photography-9Somerset Wedding Photography-2-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-4-2 Somerset Wedding Photography-19 Somerset Wedding Photography-25 Somerset Wedding Photography-28 Somerset Wedding Photography-47 Somerset Wedding Photography-50Somerset Wedding Photography-16 Somerset Wedding Photography-32 Somerset Wedding Photography-33Somerset Wedding Photography-6Somerset Wedding Photography-3-2Somerset Wedding Photography-34 Somerset Wedding Photography-35 Somerset Wedding Photography-36 Somerset Wedding Photography-37Somerset Wedding Photography-39 Somerset Wedding Photography-40 Somerset Wedding Photography-41 Somerset Wedding Photography-42Somerset Wedding Photography-38

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New Place Wedding: Seona & Rob Sneak Preview

Seona & Rob got married! Here’s a sneak preview from their wedding at New Place yesterday.

Wedding Photographer at New Place

I will blog a selection of highlights and open the full gallery to friends and family in a few weeks. To stay up to date why not follow my facebook page

Sneak Peek: Caroline & Graham’s Wedding at New Place

Bank holiday weekend, it was bound to rain wasn’t it. I thought we were going to be hidden indoors all day when I arrived in a downpour at New Place for Caroline and Graham’s wedding on Saturday. It was beginning to look really bad when there was no sign of the bride an hour after I had got there. There was a big white dress, so I decided to stick with it and hope someone arrived soon to claim it. (and what a gorgeous dress!) Caroline did make it with plenty of time to spare, the dress looking even more gorgeous on. She brought the fine (ish) weather with her and things all panned out rather well from there.

Here’s a little sneak peek from the day. More to follow in a few weeks when Caroline and Graham are back from their travels (so jealous)

confetti at New Place-1You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Caroline & Graham’s Pre-wedding photos at New Place

Caroline and Graham are getting married at New Place in Shirrell Heath later this month. We met up to go through the final plans and a pre-wedding photo session in the surrounding woods. Early evening isn’t called the ‘Magic Hour’ by photographers for nothing- the light on sunny summer evenings is perfect for portraits (and of course wedding photos!)  I really love how these came out with the sun glinting through the trees.

New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-2New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-3 Pre-Wedding Photographs in the woods-3 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-4 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-1 Pre-Wedding Photographs in the woods-1 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-5 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-6 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-7 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-8 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-9 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-10 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-11 New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-12New Place Pre-Wedding Photography-13

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Angela & Stephen’s Wedding at Stanwell House

Just a little sneak preview from Angela and Stephen’s wedding at Stanwell House in Lymington. The full gallery will be online when the happy couple are back from their honeymoon.

Wedding at Stanwell House

Angela & Stephen’s Pre-wedding photos at Stanwell House

I’m back at the funky boutique hotel Stanwell House in Lymington next weekend for Angela and Stephen’s wedding. We met there a couple of weeks ago to finalise their plans and grabbed a few pre-wedding photos to get them used to being in front of the lens.

Angela & Stephen Portraits-7 Angela & Stephen Portraits-8 Angela & Stephen Portraits-5 Angela & Stephen Portraits-3 Angela & Stephen Portraits-6Angela & Stephen Portraits-2