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Lucy & Matt’s Wedding at Jermyns House, Hillier Gardens

Lucy & Matt’s beautiful flower filled summertime wedding was a photographic feast. They got married at St Mary’s Church in Bishopstoke and celebrated their reception in the grounds of Jermyn’s House at Hillier Gardens in Romsey. Lucy’s mum is a florist, and put so much love and attention into the pretty country theme, with stunning purple and yellow wildflowers, bunting and sweet apple place names. The church and the marquee looked so amazing. It was one of the few sunny days in May, and everyone drank champagne on the lawn of Jermyn’s House, which sits in the middle of the beautiful gardens at Hilliers. After the wedding breakfast we took a walk in the grounds and got some lovely portraits with Lucy and Matt who are just so sweet together.  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Howell! Here are some photos from the day..

Seamus & Lucy’s wedding in Salisbury

Salisbury Wedding Photography-68

Lucy and Shay got married at St Osmunds Church in Salisbury with their reception in a marquee at Lucy’s parents farm. Having the reception at home is a great idea if you can do it, giving total control over the food, entertainment, decorations etc without being bound by the rules and restrictions of a hotel or venue (except the rules of mum and dad obviously) Everyone had done a fabulous job of arranging everything, with Lucy’s mum even making the gorgeous pink floral arrangements and cupcake wedding cakes.

We were so incredibly lucky with the weather that day. After the ceremony the married couple exited to a sunny August day, and then just as we set foot inside the marquee the heavens opened and we thought that would be it. Luckily, we got some well timed breaks for family photos and bride and groom portraits before everyone settled down in the dry for the BBQ wedding breakfast. There were few dry eyes during the speeches, Shay’s sister, the best lady, did a brilliant job to deliver her speech. To kick the evening off guests got up on the dancefloor for some line dancing before partying to the disco into the early hours. The rain did mean one potential disappointment- the bouncy castle was out of action. However a determined few towelled it off and in the evening they got their go. Lucy has to be the most carefree bride ever, somersaulting on the bouncy castle, not worrying about the white dress and hair do. Love that attitude, weddings should be fun! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lynch!

Here is a selection of picures from the day, the full gallery is now online for friends and family here.

Salisbury Wedding Photography-6 Wedding Photographer Salisbury (6) Salisbury Wedding Photography-49 Salisbury Wedding Photography-14Salisbury Wedding Photography-73Wedding Photographer Salisbury (7) Salisbury Wedding Photography-9 Wedding Photographer Salisbury (8)Salisbury Wedding Photography-67 Salisbury Wedding Photography-53Salisbury Wedding Photography-74 Wedding Photographer Salisbury (5) Wedding Photographer Salisbury (9) Wedding Photographer Salisbury (10) Salisbury Wedding Photography-11 Salisbury Wedding Photography-8 Salisbury Wedding Photography-20 Salisbury Wedding Photography-16 Salisbury Wedding Photography-21 Salisbury Wedding Photography-22 Salisbury Wedding Photography-15 Salisbury Wedding Photography-66 Salisbury Wedding Photography-18Salisbury Wedding Photography-59 Salisbury Wedding Photography-47 Salisbury Wedding Photography-52Salisbury Wedding Photography-34Salisbury Wedding Photography-33Salisbury Wedding Photography-55 Salisbury Wedding Photography-54 Wedding Photographer Salisbury (2) Salisbury Wedding Photography-23Salisbury Wedding Photography-24 Salisbury Wedding Photography-25 Salisbury Wedding Photography-17Salisbury Wedding Photography-70Salisbury Wedding Photography-12 Salisbury Wedding Photography-1 Salisbury Wedding Photography-27 Salisbury Wedding Photography-50 Salisbury Wedding Photography-64 Salisbury Wedding Photography-19Salisbury Wedding Photography-48 Salisbury Wedding Photography-76 Salisbury Wedding Photography-2Salisbury Wedding Photography-28 Salisbury Wedding Photography-29 Salisbury Wedding Photography-61 Salisbury Wedding Photography-56 Salisbury Wedding Photography-65 Salisbury Wedding Photography-30 Salisbury Wedding Photography-31 Salisbury Wedding Photography-32 Wedding Photographer Salisbury (3) Salisbury Wedding Photography-7Salisbury Wedding Photography-36 Salisbury Wedding Photography-37 Wedding Photographer Salisbury (1) Salisbury Wedding Photography-72 Salisbury Wedding Photography-75 Salisbury Wedding Photography-40 Salisbury Wedding Photography-41Salisbury Wedding Photography-4 Salisbury Wedding Photography-35Salisbury Wedding Photography-58 Salisbury Wedding Photography-38Salisbury Wedding Photography-5 Wedding Photographer Salisbury Salisbury Wedding Photography-45Salisbury Wedding Photography-39Salisbury Wedding Photography-60 Salisbury Wedding Photography-63Salisbury Wedding Photography-51Salisbury Wedding Photography-10Salisbury Wedding Photography-57Wedding Photographer Salisbury (4) Salisbury Wedding Photography-43 Salisbury Wedding Photography-44Salisbury Wedding Photography-62 Salisbury Wedding Photography-46Salisbury Wedding Photography-42

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below..

Helen and Nick’s Winslowe House Wedding

I’ve got a bit behind with blogging recently, so its about time I shared some more photos from Nick and Helen’s wedding at Winslowe House in Southampton. The full gallery is now online for friends and family here, and for everyone else here’s a selection of highlights from their springtime wedding.

Winslowe House Wedding-3 Winslowe House Wedding-58 Winslowe House Wedding-56 Winslowe House Wedding-13-2 Winslowe House Wedding-11 Winslowe House Wedding-14 Winslowe House Wedding-15 Winslowe House Wedding-16 Winslowe House Wedding-5 Winslowe House Wedding-17 Winslowe House Wedding-41 Winslowe House Wedding-18 Winslowe House Wedding-19 Winslowe House Wedding-10 Winslowe House Wedding-20Winslowe House Wedding-23Winslowe House Wedding-22Winslowe House Wedding-21Winslowe House Wedding-1 Winslowe House Wedding-49 Winslowe House Wedding-55Winslowe House Wedding-25Winslowe House Wedding-26Winslowe House Wedding-24Winslowe House Wedding-8 Winslowe House Wedding-27Winslowe House Wedding-28Winslowe House Wedding-29Winslowe House Wedding-6Winslowe House Wedding-4Winslowe House Wedding-12Winslowe House Wedding-33Winslowe House Wedding-13Winslowe House Wedding-35Winslowe House Wedding-34Winslowe House Wedding-32Winslowe House Wedding-31Winslowe House Wedding-30Winslowe House Wedding-2Winslowe House Wedding-53 Winslowe House Wedding-9 Winslowe House Wedding-40 Winslowe House Wedding-1-2 Winslowe House Wedding-54 Winslowe House Wedding-37 Winslowe House Wedding-36Winslowe House Wedding-39 Winslowe House Wedding-52Winslowe House Wedding-38 Winslowe House Wedding-7 Winslowe House Wedding-44Winslowe House Wedding-42 Winslowe House Wedding-5-2 Winslowe House Wedding-43 Winslowe House Wedding-3-2 Winslowe House Wedding-46 Winslowe House Wedding-57 Winslowe House Wedding-45Winslowe House Wedding-51 Winslowe House Wedding-47Winslowe House Wedding-50 Winslowe House Wedding-4-2 Winslowe House Wedding-9-2Winslowe House Wedding-48 Winslowe House Wedding-2-2

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Katie & Edward’s Wedding

13th September 2008

Congratulations Katie & Ed!

Wow what a party! I had a great day shooting Katie & Ed’s wedding on Saturday. They had a beautiful ceremony at St Margarets in East Wellow, a sweet country church, and then back to Ed’s parents for a mammoth celebration. The sun came out, the champagne flowed freely and everyone came up with some amazing dance moves!

Everyone was so nice, but a special thanks to the lovely lady in pink who drove me to the church and back when I lost my car keys at the house, and then helped organise people for the group photos. Drop me an email, I would love to send you some prints of your choice, you were a star!

Here are a few previews from the day. The full gallery is online now for friends and family. There are two galleries HERE and HERE and both are password protected- the password is the bride’s maiden name.

The Bride and her Father

Bride meets Groom

The Ceremony

At the church door

The confetti run

A bad case of dandruff

Ruining the lawn…

Bride and Groom

First Dance set a precedent for silly dancing