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Katie & Dan’s Pre-wedding Photos in Richmond Park, London

Katie & Dan got married a couple of weeks ago, but a couple of weeks before that we met up in autumnal Richmond Park for a pre-wedding portrait session and catch up on plans for the day.  I got a little insight into their life with two year old Imogen and baby Felix coming along too. Hectic!

Pre-Wedding Photos in London: Nicola & Matt in St James Park

St James Park Engagement Portraits

I like clients who bring champagne to meetings! I met up with Nicola and Matt a few weeks ago in St James’ Park in London for some pre-wedding photos and a chat about their November wedding at Athelhampton House in Dorset. Here’s the results of our little saunter around the park…

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Hampton Court House Wedding Photography: Lee & Natalie

Photographs from Lee & Natalie’s Wedding at Hampton Court House are now online for friends and family here.

Since this is my first wedding of 2010 I wanted to share an extended selection of highlights from their London wedding. Congratulation Mr & Mrs Parnell and a hope you have a fantastic time on your great adventure travelling the world!

hampton court house wedding-4 hampton court house wedding-6 hampton court house wedding-2 hampton court house wedding-3 hampton court house wedding-1 hampton court house wedding-5 hampton court house wedding-7 hampton court house wedding-8 hampton court house wedding-9 hampton court house wedding-10 hampton court house wedding-11 hampton court house wedding-12 hampton court house wedding-90 hampton court house wedding-13 hampton court house wedding-14 hampton court house wedding-15 hampton court house wedding-16 hampton court house wedding-17 hampton court house wedding-18 hampton court house wedding-19 hampton court house wedding-20 hampton court house wedding-21 hampton court house wedding-22 hampton court house wedding-23 hampton court house wedding-24 hampton court house wedding-25 hampton court house wedding-26 hampton court house wedding-27 hampton court house wedding-28 hampton court house wedding-29 hampton court house wedding-92 hampton court house wedding-30 hampton court house wedding-31 hampton court house wedding-33 hampton court house wedding-32 hampton court house wedding-94 hampton court house wedding-35 hampton court house wedding-39 hampton court house wedding-36 hampton court house wedding-37 hampton court house wedding-38 hampton court house wedding-95 hampton court house wedding-40 hampton court house wedding-41 hampton court house wedding-42 hampton court house wedding-43 hampton court house wedding-60 hampton court house wedding-44 hampton court house wedding-46 hampton court house wedding-97 hampton court house wedding-93 hampton court house wedding-45 hampton court house wedding-47 hampton court house wedding-48 hampton court house wedding-49 hampton court house wedding-50 hampton court house wedding-51 hampton court house wedding-52 hampton court house wedding-53 hampton court house wedding-54 hampton court house wedding-55 hampton court house wedding-56 hampton court house wedding-57 hampton court house wedding-58 hampton court house wedding-59 hampton court house wedding-99 hampton court house wedding-62 hampton court house wedding-61 hampton court house wedding-100 hampton court house wedding-66 hampton court house wedding-63 hampton court house wedding-64 hampton court house wedding-65 hampton court house wedding-67You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Wedding Photobooth: Lee & Natalie’s London Wedding

Wedding Photobooth craziness from Lee & Natalie’s Wedding reception at the Wharf bar in Teddington, London.

Full Online Gallery coming very soon!

London Wedding Photobooth-5 London Wedding Photobooth-1-2 London Wedding Photobooth-8 London Wedding Photobooth-1-3 London Wedding Photobooth-24 London Wedding Photobooth-23 London Wedding Photobooth-22 London Wedding Photobooth-21 London Wedding Photobooth-20 London Wedding Photobooth-19 London Wedding Photobooth-18 London Wedding Photobooth-17 London Wedding Photobooth-16 London Wedding Photobooth-15 London Wedding Photobooth-13 London Wedding Photobooth-14 London Wedding Photobooth-12 London Wedding Photobooth-9 London Wedding Photobooth-11 London Wedding Photobooth-7 London Wedding Photobooth-10 London Wedding Photobooth-1 London Wedding Photobooth-2 London Wedding Photobooth-4 London Wedding Photobooth-3 London Wedding Photobooth-6

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

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Lee & Natalie’s Winter Wedding at Hampton Court House & The Wharf

Lee & Natalie got married at Hampton Court House, a private school during the week, transformed into a gorgeous venue for their winter wedding with ornate ceilings and burning log fires.  After they were married everyone headed off to celebrate at The Wharf in Teddington, a trendy bar & restaurant on the river.

It was one of the most well organised weddings I think I’ve ever worked on but everything went by without any stress (but there were a few tears!) Natalie was already getting her dress on when I arrived 2 hours before the ceremony, so the afternoon’s preparations were relaxed with a heavy air of anticipation. The bride looked gorgeous in an elegant fishtail dress, accompanied by her bridesmaids in sophisticated black cocktail dresses (and little Lauren looking like a princess) Lee and the men all wore slick suits and bright red ties.

The simple civil ceremony was warm and just a little bit teary. With a 4pm ceremony we had just enough of the day’s light left for a few photos of the bride & groom before leaving for the reception. Lee & Natalie had said to me before the big day that they wanted to the emphasis to be on the party- celebrating with their nearest and dearest before they both embark on a year or more travelling around New Zealand and beyond. (sooo jealous!)

Fizz and canapes were served in the Wharf bar while some of  their friends played and sang before the speeches. Natalie took the microphone for the first speech but surprised everyone by singing a beautiful song to her new husband. She really is so talented, I was amazed! Lee, her dad and best man Dave gave some great speeches too, and then the DJ started and the party continued into the night.

We ran a photobooth in the upstairs bar, always good for a giggle, and many thanks to my assistant Liz for running the show. Photobooth pics coming soon..

Lee & Nat tell me they have been eagerly walking down the road to check the internet and see some pictures while they are on honeymoon in the lake district,  so here’s a few more sneak previews to make it worth the walk in the cold!  I’ll keep posting more as I get through the editing, promise!

Photojournalism Wedding Photography London-1

Hampton Court House Wedding ceremony-1

Reportage Wedding Photography London-1-2

black and white Wedding Photography London-1

Hampton Court House Wedding Photographer-1

Winter Wedding Photography London-1

hampton court house-1

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography-1

Teddington Wedding Photography-1

More to come soon..

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Lee & Natalie’s wedding at Hampton Court House

Lee & Natalie got married at Hampton Court House, a gorgeous private school in London just close to the palace, and then headed off to the trendy Wharf bar and restaurant in Teddington to celebrate.

Here’s just one little taster of their wedding photos for now. More wedding photos and the full photobooth gallery will be up on the website by the weekend.

Congratulations Lee & Natalie!

hampton court house wedding photographer