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Wedding Photobooth: Cat & Wayne’s Wedding Part 1

Back in November my good friends Cat & Wayne got married. Since then they’ve set off on a 6 month honeymoon travelling around Asia. I’ve had the less exciting task of wading through the thousands of photos, both sensible and not so, that got taken on that fun and beautiful day. Over Christmas while they have an internet connection, I’ve set up some extended blog posts so they can relive the day. Happy Christmas Mr & Mrs Envis!

First up the Wedding Photobooth, which we set up during the evening reception at Trafalgar Park, Salisbury. Big up to Tarah Coonan who ran the photobooth that evening, and put up with us lot being silly.

Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-11Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-3Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-2 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-6Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-3Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-2Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-21Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-11Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-22Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-3Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-7 Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-1Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-8 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-1Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-10Wedding Photobooth Wiltshire-4Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-12 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-2Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-13 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-17Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-14 Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-9Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-15 Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-16 Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-12Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-17Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-19 Wedding Photobooth Wiltshire-1Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-20Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-8Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-23 Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-1-2Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-6 Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-4Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-8Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-5Salisbury Wedding Photobooth- fun wedding photos-15Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-6Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-13Fun wedding photos- Salisbury Wedding Photobooth-1Wedding Photobooth Salisbury-21

Lisa & Mike’s Wedding at Chilworth Manor, Southampton

Lisa and Mike got married at Chilworth Manor in Southampton on a sunny September day. I love photographing the wedding day but have to admit I sometimes get a bit bored of editing photos, however I have really, really enjoyed going through Lisa & Mike’s day again. It made me think really what a wedding is all about. I do read far too many wedding blogs and magazines and get obsessed over uber stylish designer dresses, or cool homemade table decorations, but actually a wedding is about two people in love, and sharing that with their nearest and dearest and having a really good time. Lisa and Mike look so happy, and there is such fun and excitement coming across in their photos and dress, shoes, venue and flowers aside, THAT is what a wedding is all about. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Moreton, may your happy wedding lead to an even happier marriage!

Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-4Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-45Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-1-3Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-9 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-18 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-19 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-10 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-59Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-15 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-20 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-47 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-61 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-58 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-1Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-21 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-22 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-8Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-6Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-4Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-16Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-54Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-23 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-50 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-7 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-24 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-48 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-17 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-16 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-1 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-44Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-14 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-26Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-8 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-25 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-11Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-27Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-28Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-51Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-5Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-29 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-30 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-31Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-33Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-32Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-9Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-34 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-11Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-35Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-13Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-12Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-14Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-3Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-12-2Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-36 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-37 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-55 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-38 Chilworth Manor Wedding Photography-3-2Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-2 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-39 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-56 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-6Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-57 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-60 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-53 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-49 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-43 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-40 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-41 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-42 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-13 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-52 Wedding Photography Chilworth Manor-62
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Sneak Peek: Welcome to a new Mrs Wass

Congratulations to my little brother-in-law Dave and commiserations to his new wife Marie who got married on Friday.  A life of being called Mrs Wazz, Waff, Wasp, Vass, Waas, Was and Watts awaits you (by the way, if you ever wondered its Wass, rhymes with Moss) 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview from their wedding photos taken by some beach huts on Southsea seafront. Not your typical wedding photo but much more them I think. More on the website in a few weeks…

Wedding Photography in Southsea

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Jamie & Sarah’s Wedding Photobooth at Chewton Glen

Yesterday I did a wedding photobooth for Jamie & Sarah’s wedding at Chewton Glen in the New Forest. A photobooth is great laugh for the guests and something I really enjoy doing too- bit of a break from the ‘real’ wedding photography I usually go for. The bride and groom and their friends and family were well up for it and we got some really funny photos.

The Full Gallery is now online for friends and family to view and purchase at Photobox

Jamie & Sarah’s wedding photography was by Andy at

chewton glen wedding photobooth-1-2

chewton glen wedding photobooth-22 chewton glen wedding photobooth-21 chewton glen wedding photobooth-20 chewton glen wedding photobooth-19 chewton glen wedding photobooth-18 chewton glen wedding photobooth-17 chewton glen wedding photobooth-16 chewton glen wedding photobooth-14 chewton glen wedding photobooth-13 chewton glen wedding photobooth-12 chewton glen wedding photobooth-11 chewton glen wedding photobooth-10 chewton glen wedding photobooth-9 chewton glen wedding photobooth-8 chewton glen wedding photobooth-7 chewton glen wedding photobooth-6 chewton glen wedding photobooth-5 chewton glen wedding photobooth-2 chewton glen wedding photobooth-1-3 chewton glen wedding photobooth-1  chewton glen wedding photobooth-23 

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