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Carrie & Terry: Pre-wedding portraits at Rhinefield House

Carrie & Terry are having a Christmas wedding at Rhinefield House in the New Forest. We caught up in warmer weather to go through the plans for their day, and got a few photos in Rhinefield’s gardens. Looking forward to the wedding in December…

Portraits at Rhinefield House-1-4 

Portraits at Rhinefield House-1-3 

Portraits at Rhinefield House-1-2 

Portraits at Rhinefield House-1 

Portraits at Rhinefield House-2 

Portraits at Rhinefield House-3

Engagement Photos: Lesley & Sam at Southampton Old Walls

Yesterday I met up with Lesley & Sam who are getting married next year at Highcliffe Castle. We shot their engagement photos around the old walls in Southampton. Here’s a few from the session…

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-3

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-6  

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-5

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-2

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-8

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-2  

Portraits Southampton Walls-1-4

Portraits Southampton Walls-1-2 

Portraits Southampton Walls-1-3  

Portraits Southampton Walls-1 

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-4

Engagement Portraits Southampton Walls-1-7Ok so I told them to do this to help relax into the session. Actually it was just to take some stupid photos 🙂


Pre-Wedding Photos: Michelle & Dan, Sarah & Dan and Kerrie & Rod

Blogged: Latest updates, Pre-Wedding Portraits of couples getting married soon. Click the pictures to see more…


portrait in the rain Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-29 Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-10 

Pre-Wedding Portraits: Kerrie & Rod in the New Forest

I love driving in the New Forest usually, but with the A35 closed after Lyndhurst and horrible rain it was such a relief to finally get to Rhinefield House on Thursday. Kerrie & Rod are getting married there this September and we met up to go through their final plans. I know this couple will be a pleasure to work with, they volunteered to stand out in the rain for some photos while I hid under the cover 🙂 I think that earns them a beautiful sunny day for their wedding. Here’s a few from our session…

portrait in the rain

 Pre-Wedding Photos Rhinefield House-1 

Pre-Wedding Photos Rhinefield House-2

Pre-Wedding Photos Rhinefield House-1-2 

Pre-Wedding Photos Rhinefield House-4

Pre-Wedding Photos Rhinefield House-5

Pre-Wedding Photos Rhinefield House-3

Pre-Wedding Photos: Dan & Sarah in Brockenhurst

More Pre-wedding portraits in the New Forest, another August Bank holiday wedding and another groom called Dan. Sarah & Dan are getting married at Careys Manor in Brockenhurst, New Forest. Here’s some photos from our pre-wedding meet….

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-30

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-26

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-24

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-29








 Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-34  Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-32 

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-31 

   Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-33

Pre-Wedding Portraits- Michelle & Dan in Lymington

Michelle and Dan are getting married on the August bank holiday weekend at Stanwell House in Lymington, New Forest. We caught up last week to talk about their wedding plans and to grab a few pre-wedding photos as a warm up to the big day.  Looking forward to their wedding soon…

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-5

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-11

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-15 

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-19

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-13 


Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-10 

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-6 

Pre-Wedding Portraits New Forest-22