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Katie & Dan’s Pre-wedding Photos in Richmond Park, London

Katie & Dan got married a couple of weeks ago, but a couple of weeks before that we met up in autumnal Richmond Park for a pre-wedding portrait session and catch up on plans for the day.  I got a little insight into their life with two year old Imogen and baby Felix coming along too. Hectic!

Rebecca & Steven’s Pre-wedding photos in a cornfield

Rebecca and Steven hopped over the fence for a few pre-wedding portraits somewhere in a field in Hampshire. We’ve been scouting locations to stop off for some photos between their wedding ceremony in Andover and reception at Esseborne Manor.  There is some beautiful countryside around that area and it will be great to return for their wedding in July.

Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-6 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-3-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-1 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-14 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-16 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-4 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-5 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-8 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-7 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-5-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-3 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-4-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-17 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-10 Pre- Wedding Portraits in CornfieldRebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-9 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-2-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-13 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-12 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-15 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-11 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-18

Belinda & Paul: Pre-wedding photos at Rhinefield House

Belinda and Paul get married at Rhinefield House at the end of May. We hadn’t met when they booked as they’ve been working abroad so it was lovely to finally see them in person and go through their wedding plans. We did a few pre-wedding portraits around the grounds of Rhinefield. I love it out there in the middle of the forest- its a venue with so many photo opportunities and I’m really looking forward to their intimate summer wedding.

More from Belinda and Paul in a few weeks…

Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-7 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-9 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-4Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-11 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-12 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-18 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-23Spring Blossom portraitRhinefield House pre-wedding photos-21 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-24 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-31 Rhinefield House pre-wedding photos-34

Engagement Photos

Fun. Romantic. Quirky. Natural. Modern. Stylish. Relaxed. Cool. Creative. Classic. Personal. Whatever.

Just some good photos of you both, being together and being you.

Couple’s Portrait sessions can be booked seperately for £150 including  images on disc or prints, whether you are getting married, are already married or haven’t even thought about it yet.

More info on the why, where, how and when for Engagement Portraits

Engagement Portraits

What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is the commonest name for a couples portrait session where you both have some professional photos taken before the wedding. I offer engagement sessions alongside wedding photography as its a great way for the couple and I to get to know each other and a complement to your wedding photography package. I find it can make the strange experience of being photographed on your wedding day feel more comfortable, and help me to understand how you are in front of the camera. The couples I tend to work with value photography, and love the opportunity to get some creative and relaxed photos outside of the wedding environment.

See some examples in my gallery


What’s involved?

Sometime before the wedding we’ll spend around an hour on location, catching a series of intimate, fun pictures of just the two of you. We can play things relaxed and simple so you can feel really chilled out about the experience and enjoy it knowing you’re going to get some natural photos of you being yourselves. Or if you are a bit of a poser at heart we can get really creative and work together to give you some amazing fashion style portraits. I love trying new ideas and its great to work with people who are up for it.

Where will our portrait session take place?

I don’t work from a sterile white studio, we will shoot your portraits on location with lovely natural light and interesting and varied backdrops. I try to schedule portrait sessions around an hour before sunset to make the most of the beautiful light at the end of the day. Where we go is up to you- we can do it at your wedding venue, or it may be somewhere personal to you both, or just somewhere we think will be beautiful, interesting or suited the season or the look we are going for in your photos. We are blessed with many varied Hampshire photography locations, from the woods and heathlands of the New Forest, the beaches of Bournemouth and surrounds, historical and modern city centres, fairgrounds, castles, cornfields and parks. Portrait sessions can be done at any time of the year, but we’ll have to work with the elements. Wrap up warm and snuggle in with Christmas lights, kick leaves about in autumn or splash about in the warmer summer sea.



What do we wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in- you might want to get dressed up in your finest, go cool and casual in a funky little dress and boots, or relax in jeans and t shirt. You can even bring a change of clothes for some different looks. Just try and look like you both are attending the same party (but do not wear matching clothes, thats too cheesy!) Make sure you feel good in them. It’s also a nice idea to bring some accessories and props- how about a hat, sunglasses, scarf, a parasol, balloons, your dog…?


What then?

The digital files will be included on your wedding disc and but you can choose to buy prints, canvas, an album or even as personally designed invitations, thank you cards or a guest book.

Why would I want an Engagement portrait session?

Most brides and grooms will admit to having very few decent photos of them both together, other than their wedding photos. An Engagement portrait session is the opportunity to change that (Which will also please your mum.)

Its a chance to get some amazing photos of you both especially if you want to spend your wedding day enjoying the party and not taking the time out for a long photo session. (though the results might change your mind!) You can do things completely differently to you wedding photos, different location, outfits, look and even season. (so have that cosy winter wedding and then run around on the beach in summer)