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Gemma & Andrew’s Pre-wedding photos at Cheesefoot Head, Winchester

Gemma & Andrew are getting married next month at Hinton Ampner near Winchester. We went up to Cheesefoot Head nearby for their engagement photos in the cornfields overlooking the Hampshire Countryside.

Winchester Wedding Photographer- Amy Wass

Wiltshire Engagement Photos: Faye & Dan at Burcombe Manor

Faye and Dan get married in Salisbury next week, and are having their marquee reception at Burcombe Manor out in the Wiltshire countryside. The manor is surrounded by fields and we walked into a nearby cornfield for their portraits. Hopefully the corn won’t have been cut for their wedding next week.

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer-

Rebecca & Steven’s Hampshire Wedding at Esseborne Manor

Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-75

Rebecca & Steven (or do I call him Sam, I got completely confused!?) got married at St Mary’s church in Andover followed by a reception at Esseborne Manor. Rebecca looked like a fairy tale princess in an amazing dress of lace, ruffles, embroidery and brooches, in a gorgeous grey- blue colour. She had a whole troop of glamourous bridesmaids in black evening dresses, and pretty flower girls in white. The boys complimented the look, in black tuxedos.

It was only fitting Cinderella had a carriage, which her parents surprised her with as she left for the church. They married at St Mary’s in Andover, a church where many generations of Rebecca’s family have been wed, and were joined by family and friends from all over the country. After the ceremony they left for the reception at Esseborne in the horse and carriage. We planned to stop on the way for some photos in the fields which surround the country hotel. I love a good cornfield, and luckily we found one still accessible in a huge wedding dress. We did some romantic photos and then some waving-your-arms-around-like-an-idiot photos (their idea) 🙂

Then off to Esseborne, which was  decorated in black and white, with tables named for favourite films. Its a lovely venue out in the Hampshire countryside, and everyone enjoyed drinks out on the lawn before sitting down to eat. During the speeches the families had made a slideshow of old photos of the happy couple, from childhood to their holidays together. I hope this set of wedding photos adds another set of memories- Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sandbach!

Here’s a selection of highlights from the day. The full gallery is online for friends and family here.

Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-20 Andover Wedding Photographer-6 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-14 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-18Andover Wedding Photographer-7 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-19 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-71 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-60 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-62 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-21Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-22Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-74 Andover Wedding Photographer-12 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-56 Andover Wedding Photographer-31 Andover Wedding Photographer-29Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-23 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-17Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-54Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-1-2Andover Wedding Photographer-5Andover Wedding Photographer-4Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-24Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-8Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-27Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-26Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-25Andover Wedding Photographer-16Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-55Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-69Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-28Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-29Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-30Cornfield Wedding Photos- Hampshire wedding photographer-1Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-34Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-67Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-32Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-31Andover Wedding Photographer-25Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-1Andover Wedding Photographer-18Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-61Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-33 Andover Wedding Photographer-1Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-40Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-39Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-38Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-37Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-36Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-63 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-35Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-57 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-10 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-5Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-66Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-7Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-6Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-11Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-49 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-73 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-13 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-58 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-72 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-43Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-42Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-59Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-15Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-12Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-9Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-44Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-48Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-1-3Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-65 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-64 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-47 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-46 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-45 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-3 Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-4Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-51Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-50Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-53Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-70Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-52Esseborne Manor Wedding Photographer-16

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Sneak Peek: Rebecca & Steven’s Hampshire Wedding

Yesterday I had a lovely day photographing Rebecca and Steven’s wedding at St Mary’s in Andover and Esseborne Manor. We stopped on the way between the church and the reception for some photos in a cornfield, a beautiful backdrop for a few romantic portraits.

Here’s a little sneak preview. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sandbach!

Cornfield Wedding Photos- Hampshire wedding photographer-1I will blog a selection of highlights and open the full gallery to friends and family in a few weeks. To stay up to date why not follow my facebook page

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

Rebecca & Steven’s Pre-wedding photos in a cornfield

Rebecca and Steven hopped over the fence for a few pre-wedding portraits somewhere in a field in Hampshire. We’ve been scouting locations to stop off for some photos between their wedding ceremony in Andover and reception at Esseborne Manor.  There is some beautiful countryside around that area and it will be great to return for their wedding in July.

Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-6 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-3-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-1 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-14 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-16 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-4 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-5 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-8 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-7 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-5-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-3 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-4-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-17 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-10 Pre- Wedding Portraits in CornfieldRebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-9 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-2-2 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-13 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-12 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-15 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-11 Rebecca&Steven- cornfield portraits-18