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Emma & Dan’s Chilworth Manor Wedding

I got home from Emma & Dan’s wedding at Chilworth Manor feeling rather festive. The christmas decorations were up and with the party in full swing it definately felt like we’ve moved on from rainy autumn into the warm and cosy Christmas season. Winter weddings have their own challenges, photographically, but I always think Christmas is a lovely time of year for a big family celebration. Emma and Dan had a relaxed wedding day with a big group of friends and family. There are 3 people in this marriage. Emma, Dan and little Alexander, who couldn’t help but make sure he was centre of attention even during the ceremony 🙂 We were lucky enough with the weather to get outside for some photos and Emma and Dan got a few minutes to themselves before everyone sat down for dinner and partying and the rain and darkness descended outside.

Here are some sneak previews of their wedding photos. The full gallery is now online for friends and family and is passworded with the brides maiden name.

Chilworth Manor wedding- the morning-1

Wedding Photography at Chilworth Manor-1

Chilworth Manor wedding photos-1

Wedding Photos at Chilworth Manor-1

Bridesmaids at Chilworth Manor-1

Bride & Groom at Chilworth Manor-1

Wedding at Chilworth Manor-1

Chilworth Manor Wedding photos-1-2

Wedding photographer Chilworth Manor-1

Chilworth Manor Wedding Photographer-1


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Suzie & Sammie’s Wedding at Chilworth Manor

Congratulations Dr and Mrs Chan!

My second Christmas wedding and another great day (plus it got me out of seeing the inlaws!) Tis the season for families and frivolity so what better time of year for wedding celebrations. Guests flew in from as far as Hong Kong for Suzie and Sammie’s Christmas wedding at Chilworth Manor, Hampshire. It was a lovely winters day and Chilworth Manor was looking very festive.

They introduced some traditional chinese touches to their wedding, with a Tea ceremony in which the bride serves tea to her new family and they present her with jewellery and gifts. In the evening the chinese guests set up Mahjong tables while the english followed their usual traditions of making idiots of themselves on the dancefloor 🙂 Again, a really lovely bunch of people and I owe many thanks to best man Zeshan and uncle Brian who did an amazing job gathering people for the group photos.

Suzie and Sammie were so sweet together and I’m sure will live happily ever after.  I wish you all the very best for the future.

Here are some sneak previews from the day. The full gallery is now open-  CLICK HERE TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE GALLERY

Chilworth Manor

The Bride before the ceremony

Mother and Daughter

The Beautiful Bride

The Groom

 The Ceremony

The Kiss

“Check out my wedding ring”

A few tears after the ceremony

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

The bride and groom look at their rings

Hey look we’ve both got one!

The Bride and Groom on the stairs in Chilworth Manor

The Bride and Groom on the Balcony in Chilworth Manor

Suzie and Sammie’s Wedding at Chilworth Manor

The Father of the Bride’s Speech

Sammie enjoys the applause

The Bride and Groom enjoy the speeches

Throwing the Bouquet

The First Dance

The wedding guests playing Mahjong

“Low, Low, Low, Low, Low, Low, Low” (The Hen Party hit the dance floor)

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