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Cat & Wayne’s Engagement Photos in Southsea

Southsea Portraits

My good friends Cat & Wayne finally get married next weekend. I can’t quite remember how we know each other, it has some relation to Havant College and dingy rock clubs, but ever since forever ago they have always been together and seemingly destined to live happily ever after. They were even born on the same day. After the wedding they are going on an epic 6 month honeymoon travelling around Asia, so for their engagement photos we went for a little reminder of home. Southsea isn’t quite as nice as the Andaman Sea, but there are some great locations for photos, so we had a little wander around Albert Road and down to the seafront and the bandstand.

First up The Deco, current dingy rock pub of choice. It will be weird not having Cat and Wayne hanging about outside on a Friday night for the next few months.

engagement photos Southsea-1-2pre-wedding photos Southsea-3 pre-wedding photos Southsea-4 pre-wedding photos Southsea-1pre-wedding photos Southsea-5 pre-wedding photos Southsea-7 pre-wedding photos Southsea-8 pre-wedding photos Southsea-9 pre-wedding photos Southsea-10 pre-wedding photos Southsea-11engagement portraits Southsea seaside-1-2engagement photos Southsea-2I love Albert Road. They even have photogenic shutters.Love Albert Road-2engagement portraits Love Albert Road-1 Down to the seafront. Had to be done really…engagement portraits Southsea seafront-2engagement portraits Southsea seafront-1engagement portraits Southsea seaside-3-2engagement portraits Southsea seaside-2-2engagement portraits Southsea seaside-5-2engagement portraits Southsea seaside-4-2engagement portraits Southsea seaside-7-2 engagement portraits Southsea seaside-1engagement portraits Southsea seaside-8-2engagement portraits Southsea seaside-10engagement portraits Southsea seaside-3engagement portraits Southsea seaside-9-2engagement portraits Southsea seaside-6engagement portraits Southsea seaside-12 engagement portraits Southsea seaside-13 engagement portraits Southsea seaside-14 engagement portraits Southsea seaside-8engagement portraits Southsea seaside-15 engagement portraits Southsea-3engagement portraits Southsea-2engagement portraits Southsea-6
Can’t wait for the wedding next weekend, its going to be awesome!