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Photographer Portraits: Virginia Water Shootswap

A few weeks ago I went up to Virginia Water in Surrey to meet with a group of wedding and portrait photographers for a ‘shoot swap’ and lunch. As well as eating, talking about geeky photography things and showing off lenses (they are like shoes, a girl can always find the need for another one), we took some photos. The idea of a shoot-swap is to take it in turns to photograph each other, everyone coming away with some professional photos of themselves for their website or whatever.

As the photographer it’s good to try out unfamiliar techniques and poses, practice interacting with your subject, learn from others and have a bit of fun. As the model, I can tell you, it was a challenge! I am a tad self conscious and very critical of photos of me, so sitting there with 5 cameras pointed at you, trying to smile is so hard. The great thing about it was I came away knowing how many of my clients must feel when being photographed. Being a professional portrait photographer is not just being able to take a good picture, its knowing the best angles and poses to flatter someone, and being able to put them at ease in a situation most people will feel uncomfortable in.  I was in great hands and while certainly not fond of  the experience, it is nice to see the resulting photos.

Here are a few of my photos, of similarly reluctant models…

First up, Gloucester portrait and wedding photographer  Lisa Fellows

Northampton Lifestyle photographer Suzanne Kentish, plus baby bump.

Greg Thurtle of Dorset wedding photography TP Photography

London wedding photographer Annelie Eddy

Bristol Photographer Marie Man

Towards the end of the day the sun was low and the light was just AMAZING. I always try and schedule portrait shoots in the evening, on sunny days this is what is called the ‘golden hour’ or ‘magic hour’ when the warm light is just beautiful.

Manchester photographer and designer Hannah Beatrice

Northampton wedding photographer Christina Savage

Worcester Photographer Theresa Furey

Big thanks to Juliet of Sugar and Spice Photography for organising

3 Responses to “Photographer Portraits: Virginia Water Shootswap”

  1. Juliet McKee says:

    These are really super Amy, but then I expected them to be as I’m a huge fan of your work. It was lovely to meet you but I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to photograph you!

  2. these are fab Amy, very natural and love the processing…… I am sure you have added in a double chin to my pictures though!!

  3. Gorgeous shots, Amy xxx