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Nicola & Allan’s Wedding at Lyndhurst Park Hotel

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Nicky & Allan at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel in the New Forest. Another sunny weekend after weeks of rain (I’m getting very lucky this year) and a light hearted and fun wedding. I knew Nicky had put a lot of planning into the wedding by the sheer number of bridal magazines scattered around while she was getting ready. She did a great job pulling together the blue colour theme, with the beautiful vibrant bridesmaids dresses and co-ordinated reception room decor.  

No one planned for the Forest Mela Festival next door, but the thumping Bhangra music stopped for the ceremony, just so we could all hear Allan mess up his vows 🙂 and the string quartet battled valiantly against the african drumming during the reception drinks. During the meal guests had a wedding quiz to keep them occupied, and they had a sweepstake on the length of the speeches, with Best Man Mark doing a great job despite  admitting his nervousness many times. Nicky is a dance teacher and she managed to teach Allan a few smooth moves for the first dance, leading the way into the evening reception.

Here are some sneak peeks from the wedding. The full gallery is now online for friends and family at and is password protected with the bride’s maiden name.

Many congratulations Mr & Mrs Vincent! 

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-3

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-2

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-3

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-5 

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-4

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-2

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-9

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-10

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-7

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-4

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-8  

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-12

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-11

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-14

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-13

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-6

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-1-2    Lyndhurst Park Hotel Wedding-5

You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the happy couple below…

4 Responses to “Nicola & Allan’s Wedding at Lyndhurst Park Hotel”

  1. Mother (in law) says:

    If this is just a taste then the rest will be worth waiting for…

  2. Curtis Copeland says:

    Wow! What wonderful wedding photography. You really captured the beauty and splendor of Nicola & Allan’s Wedding day. Nice work!

  3. Chris & Bob Vincent (Mum, Dad, Mother in law and Father in Law says:

    What a wonderful day. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photographs! The photos on your website are absolutely lovely.

  4. Kirsten Carmichael says:

    What fab pictures!!!!! I love the fact that you both look like you are having so much fun xxx