Creative Wedding Photographer Hampshire. Contemporary photography with heart. Easy going, unobtrusive and personal style, a blend of natural, real photos, modern portraiture and a relaxed approach.

About me

Hey I’m Amy

And it’s Wass, rhymes with ‘moss’, by the way. Got that off my husband Jeff who I married 5 years ago, in a castle by a beautiful lake in Italy. We’ve been best friends since college. We’ve just moved to Southsea with our two cats, Mog and Morbo.

I love photographing weddings (and my cats). Everyone at my workplace is always really happy. Weddings can be emotional, colourful, romantic, fun, crazy whirlwinds, and they are always full of interesting people, stunning detail and memorable moments. I feel very privileged to get paid to do this thing I love.


My photography style is a mix of photojournalism and creative portraiture. That means I try and let you get one with your wedding and capture the natural real moments, but I also like to stick you in a pretty field and take lovely relaxed portraits of you and your love. I shoot with Canon gear and my favourite lens is the 35mm f1.4 L. I do all my own post production and album design work. I favour vibrant colours and punchy black and whites, for a timeless, classic finish, but can add vintage toning or other effects if you like that look.

Some other random stuff about me…

• I love music, mostly with guitars.
• I drive an old convertible Mazda. My hair is usually messy. On sunny days driving with the roof down and loud music is the perfect tonic.
• I laugh at bad jokes but I don’t remember many punchlines.
• My favourite food is curry and I am addicted to Diet Coke.
• I like playing geeky board games.
• I go to the cinema a lot. My favourite films are Waynes World and Shaun of the Dead
• This year I have ambitions to be a cyclist, riding down the seaside on my pretty bike. Its been a bit rainy recently so it’s mostly still just ambition.
• I hate having my photo taken. I really do get it when you say that too. I hope I can change your mind.

If you want me along for your wedding and/or you have a cheesy joke to share, drop me an email at

You can also find me here…

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