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Christmas Gifts for Photographers 2013: Part 1

What do you buy for a photographer for Christmas? Most people can’t afford to buy things like lenses or cameras, but there are plenty of present ideas out there for someone who is passionate about photography. I’m sure I am not the only one who finds more things I’d like for myself when out Christmas shopping for my friends and family, so I thought I would share some gift ideas for the photographer in your life. A few of these will be on my wishlist this year.

Photographers Christmas Gifts 1

1. Racoon Tote Bag– There are lots of camera print accessories available out there, but this one is double good combining a cute creature plus a camera. £22.50

2. Mini Kiko Frames– Print your photos! Really, so many memories get lost on hardrives, printing your favourite photos from the year and framing them up is a perfect way to spend a lazy Christmas break. I love these vintage style glass Kiko frames, and these mini versions would make beautiful Christmas decorations which you can update every year £24.95

3. Smile Print– Cheer up your walls with this A3 print £25

4. Fingerless Gloves– Ok hear me out here, these are an essential photographers gift. Its cold out and gloves are essential, but when you are photographing you want to be able to fiddle the dials and press the buttons easily. These capped fingerless gloves set your fingys free when needed, and then you can tuck them away in the warm when not. £10

5. Camera print scarf. I’m into scarfs. This one has cameras. No brainer. £14

6. Camera pendant. Always have a camera hanging round your neck with this pretty vintage charm necklace with verdigris finish £16

7. Camera print notebook– I always have a notebook in my camera bag for ideas, locations, random scribblings and for £3.50 its a perfect stocking filler

8. Vintage Camera Notes and Tags– Send out some prints with your thank you cards and write it all on lovely letterpress notecards. £7.50


In Part 2 I will share some recommendations for photography gifts such as camera gear, photography accessories and books for the photographer

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