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Lulworth Castle Wedding: Robin & Becky

Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-23

One of the things I love about doing wedding photography is the people I meet, and its really special to be an observer to that one day when they are most happy and with all those who love them. I knew my old work colleague Robin in the context of supply chain, spreadsheets and management meetings, so it was really nice to step away from that and see him marry the lovely Becky, with a big group of friends and family. 

They were married at St Mary’s Church in Winterbourne Abbas, a country church where Robin grew up. After the vows and a few photos dodging the drizzle, the party moved on to Lulworth Castle in Dorset for their reception. Part destroyed and then restored, Lulworth castle is a beautiful open space inside, lit by fairy lights, and livened up by the bright cerise pink colours of the their flowers and decor. Guests enjoyed bubbly and canapes, before sitting down for a colourful wedding breakfast and some funny and emotional speeches. As everyone moved through to the other room for the evening reception, Becky and Robin kicked off the party with a choreographed first dance culminating in a Dirty Dancing Lift to much applause.

Dorset Wedding Photos-10Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-5Dorset Wedding Photos-1Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-3Dorset Wedding Photos-3Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-1Dorset Wedding Photos-2Dorset Wedding Photos-4Dorset Wedding Photos-5Dorset Wedding Photos-6Dorset Wedding Photos-7Dorset Wedding Photos-8Dorset Wedding Photos-9Dorset Wedding Photos-11Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-7Dorset Wedding Photos-12Dorset Wedding Photography-1Dorset Wedding Photos-13Dorset Wedding Photos-14Dorset Wedding Photos-15Dorset Wedding Photos-16Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-9Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-1-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-3Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-4Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-17Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-18Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-11Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-13Dorset Wedding Photographer-1Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-8Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-1Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-2Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-3Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-4Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-5Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-6Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-19Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-7Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-10Dorset Wedding Photographer-3Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-11Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-12Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-13Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-14Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-15Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-16Dorset Wedding Photographer-5Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-17Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-21Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-18Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-19Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-21Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-22Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-25Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-26Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-5Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-27Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-10
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-30Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-11Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-12Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-20
Lulwroth Castle Wedding Photos-2-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-13Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-23Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-8Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-24Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-16Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-25Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-29Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-6Dorset Wedding Photographer-7Dorset Wedding Photographer-9Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-9Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-35
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-14
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-15
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-36Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-37Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-17 Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-19Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-20Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-21Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-22Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-23Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-41Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-24Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-39Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-25Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-26Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-7-2Dorset Wedding Photographer-11Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-27Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-4-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-28Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-29Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-30 Lulworth Castle Wedding Photos-31Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-1
Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-3-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-1-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-2Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-3
Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-4Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-5Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-6Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-7Dorset Wedding Photographer-12
Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-8Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-9Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-10Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-45Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-11Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-12Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-13Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-47Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-14Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-15Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-16Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer-49Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-17Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-18Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-19Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-20Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-21Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-22 Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-23 Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception-24You are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations to the happy couple below.


Dorset Wedding Photographer Amy Wass

Christmas Gift ideas for Photographers: Part 2

What do you buy for a photographer for Christmas?  Well if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a photographer, I have compiled a few selections for you, based on things I would like, and things I own. In my first post I shared some (mostly girly) gift ideas with camera prints and pretty scarves, so in this post I have got into some more practical gear and books which any photographer would appreciate. 

christmas gifts for photographers 2


1. OP/TECH Pro Strap– New DSLR for Christmas?- Help with that extra weight to carry by replacing the standard camera strap. I use the Optech Prostrap which is made from comfy neoprene and shaped to really help ease the load round your neck. It makes a huge difference. £15

2. Lens Cleaning Pen– Cheap, handy stocking filler, always good to have one of these in the camera bag £3.49

3. Colourful Camera Strap- Like high heels, sometimes us girls will sacrifice comfort for style, so if your photographer giftee might prefer something more colourful these camera straps are still comfy neoprene and come in a variety of colours and patterns

4. Black Rapid R Strap– These sling style camera straps will really make a difference when out for a day shooting. The strap goes over your shoulders rather than round the neck, and you can carry your camera to the side when not in use. The only reason I don’t use mine all the time is when I am photographing weddings I have 2 cameras and get tangled up, but I do swap to my R strap when I am out and about and on holiday.  £43.40

5. GorillaPod– This lightweight and adaptable grippable tripod will secure your camera to all sorts of things, and will give you a steady base in all sorts of situations. Just so handy to have in the bag. The SLR zoom version is best for big cameras, but you can get smaller ones for compacts. £43.98

6. Spudz Micro Fibre Lens Cloth– Another cheap stocking filler, a microfibre lens cloth that crams into a little baggie to attach to your camera bag £4.43

7. Wireless Flash Triggers- Experienced amateurs with DSLRs and a flash will have tonnes of geeky fun with these inexpensive wireless flash triggers from Yongnuo. These will get the flash off camera and open up a whole new world of strobist photography. These are cheap, but I use them at every wedding. Canon or Nikon versions around £23

8. 50mm Lens- The nifty fifty, a cheap lens capable of producing brilliant results. If your photographer has a DSLR with the standard lens from the pack, then the 50mm would be the next step on for them, a great all rounder for portraits, low light photography and blurry backgrounds. Canon or Nikon Versions around £80

9. Ona Brooklyn Leather Satchel– A camera bag that looks like a classy leather satchel? Price tag to match but its one of the nicest camera bags out there that doesn’t shout photographer £429

10. FujiFilm X20 Digital Camera– There are way too many choices in compact digital camera, depending on what you want it to do and what you want to spend so do your research.  But I would be very happy to recieve a Fuji X20, a serious compact camera with lovely retro styling and high end specs. A great alternative to carrying a DSLR.

11. Kelly Moore B Hobo Bag– Another nice ladies camera bag that says handbag rather than camera bag, still costly but cheap by Ona’s standards. £159

12. Books- I believe every photographer and creative person should keep looking at other’s work, however experienced and capable they are. You can always learn or be inspired, and should continue to push your own boundaries. The internet is full of everything, but personally I still value a lovely, solid book. A well thought out book is a wonderful and personalised gift for a photographer. Here are a few suggestions from weddings and portraits, to landscapes, fashion, documentary and fun ideas…

Photographers- What do you want for Christmas? Any other suggestions?


Christmas Gifts for Photographers 2013: Part 1

What do you buy for a photographer for Christmas? Most people can’t afford to buy things like lenses or cameras, but there are plenty of present ideas out there for someone who is passionate about photography. I’m sure I am not the only one who finds more things I’d like for myself when out Christmas shopping for my friends and family, so I thought I would share some gift ideas for the photographer in your life. A few of these will be on my wishlist this year.

Photographers Christmas Gifts 1

1. Racoon Tote Bag– There are lots of camera print accessories available out there, but this one is double good combining a cute creature plus a camera. £22.50

2. Mini Kiko Frames– Print your photos! Really, so many memories get lost on hardrives, printing your favourite photos from the year and framing them up is a perfect way to spend a lazy Christmas break. I love these vintage style glass Kiko frames, and these mini versions would make beautiful Christmas decorations which you can update every year £24.95

3. Smile Print– Cheer up your walls with this A3 print £25

4. Fingerless Gloves– Ok hear me out here, these are an essential photographers gift. Its cold out and gloves are essential, but when you are photographing you want to be able to fiddle the dials and press the buttons easily. These capped fingerless gloves set your fingys free when needed, and then you can tuck them away in the warm when not. £10

5. Camera print scarf. I’m into scarfs. This one has cameras. No brainer. £14

6. Camera pendant. Always have a camera hanging round your neck with this pretty vintage charm necklace with verdigris finish £16

7. Camera print notebook– I always have a notebook in my camera bag for ideas, locations, random scribblings and for £3.50 its a perfect stocking filler

8. Vintage Camera Notes and Tags– Send out some prints with your thank you cards and write it all on lovely letterpress notecards. £7.50


In Part 2 I will share some recommendations for photography gifts such as camera gear, photography accessories and books for the photographer

Winchester Engagement Portraits: Julie & Rob

Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-7

Time to start catching up on my blogging and sharing some photos of people I’ve been photographing these past few months. Way back on a sunny evening in Winchester I met up with Julie & Rob for their engagement portraits around the old city centre. Will have some more from their wedding coming up soon…

Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-9Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-10Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-11Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-8Julie&Rob-0-prewedding-41

Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-1 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-2 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-3 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-4 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-5 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-6Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-12 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-13 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-14 Engagement Photos in Winchester- Hampshire Wedding Photographer-15

Winchester Wedding Photographer- Amy Wass



Vintage Weddings: The Nostalgic Wedding Fair in Winchester

At the beginning of November I exhibited at the Nostalgic Wedding Fair run by the Vintage Parade, held at Winchester Guildhall. It was a fair aimed at Vintage and Alternative weddings, with wedding vendors selected who offer something a little different from the norm. There were local wedding suppliers from all around Hampshire, offering wedding photography, unique jewellery and hair accessories, scrummy cakes and tarts, creative floristry, and lots of quirky ideas, stationary and styling for your wedding day. All day there was entertainment from the lovely Amy Baker, singing nostalgic tunes, and Rock n Roll from the Voodoo Cats. It was lovely to meet all the future brides, grooms and their friends and family who came to see me on my stand.

Here’s a few photos from the day. Firstly here’s my stand,with my own take on vintagey styling; its not all about shabby chic and muted colours- I went for a bright floral tablecloth and some faux grass whic I think better suits my colourful photos and branding.  

Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (9)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (2) Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (15)

There were lots of pretty things to see, but my favourite was this amazing vintage tiara from Cherished. A real statement piece for a vintage bride. If you see something you like, head on over to the Nostalgic wedding fair page.  to find all the other suppliers.

Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (28)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (27)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (3)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (10) Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (6)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (29)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (7)
Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (13)
Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (23)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (24)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (18)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (14)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (11)
Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (17)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (1)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (19)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (16)
Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (20)
Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (8)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (21) Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (22)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (5)Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (25) Nostalgic Weddng Fair- Vintage Wedding fair  (26)





Sarah & Tom’s Tipi Wedding at home in Salisbury

Wedding photographeri Salisbury-13

Tom and Sarah were married on a scorching May day in a little village outside of Salisbury, with a country church ceremony and amazing Tipi wedding reception. Sarah’s parents turned over their home and garden to the wedding, and I joined the bride and a house full of bridesmaids and family getting ready that morning, while outside caterers and florists put the finishing touches to the Tipi erected in the field out back. Everything looked so pretty in the sunshine, with such unique and colourful flowers, and the tree decorated with ribbons was so simply done but really one of my favourite features.

Just up the road, guests were arriving at the pretty village church in Stratford sub-castle, greeting Tom and his family. It was such a warm sunny day Sarah was able to walk to the church with her father and entourage of navy blue bridesmaids, and arrived with locals looking on and waving good luck. After the service everyone walked back down through the village and joined the happy couple for drinks in the garden before sitting down for the wedding breakfast in the stunning Tipi. The house is set in a most beautiful location overlooking old Sarum and so as guests were seated we were able to sneak away for some photos in the fields and garden. Into the evening, the lanterns, candles and firepit were lit and everyone partied hard to one of the best wedding bands I’ve seen so far. (I’d recommend them but I confess I cannot remember their name, so remind me if you are reading this!)

Here’s how it went down…

Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-24Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-2Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-1 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-2 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-3 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-4 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-5 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-3Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-6 Tipi wedding salisbury-2Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-7 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-8 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-9 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-10 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-11 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-7Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-12 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-13 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-14 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-15 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-16 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-17 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-18 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-6Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-19 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-9
Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-20Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-21Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-11Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-12Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-15
Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-22 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-23 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-24 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-25 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-26 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-17Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-27 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-19Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-20Wedding photographeri Salisbury-1Wedding photographer Salisbury-3Wedding photographeri Salisbury-2Tipi wedding salisbury-4Wedding photographer Salisbury-1Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-28 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-29 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-30 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-32Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-23Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-1Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-2Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-3Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-4Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-5Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-6Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-8
Wedding photography Salisbury-1Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-7Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-26Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-9Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-29Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-21Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-10Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-24
Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-32 Tipi wedding photos Salisbury-33 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-3Salisbury Wedding Photographer-2
Salisbury Wedding Photographer-1-2Wedding photographeri Salisbury-4 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-5 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-6 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-7 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-8 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-9 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-10 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-11 Wedding photographeri Salisbury-12Wedding photographeri Salisbury-14Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-25Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-34Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-26
Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-37Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-11Wedding photographer Salisbury-6Wedding photography Salisbury-1-2 Wedding photographer Salisbury-8Wedding photography Salisbury-2-2 Wedding photography Salisbury-4 Wedding photography Salisbury-6Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-12 Wedding photographer Salisbury-1-2Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-13tipi wedding Salisbury-1-2Wedding photographer Salisbury-1-3Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-39Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-14 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-15 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-16 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-18 Salisbury Wedding Photographer- Tipee wedding-30Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-19 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-20 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-21 Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-22Wedding Reception Tipi Salisbury-17

 Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Amy Wass- available for wedding photography in Salisbury and Wiltshire. Especially awesome ones like this 😉